Monday is the new day of rest

There are few photographs. We were both feeling worn out and a bit buggish. We went to the office to see if there were any short local walks (receptionist did not understand meaning of the word ‘local’ and every sentence began – ‘you drive to….’) and read the notice board – pride of place was this notice.


Made the effort to go to the nearest village – which was shut. Phil went to look at a possible walk but came back and said that it was near vertical and covered in snow. He then went swimming in the outdoor pool, I stayed in and did more nothing, apart from reading and knitting.  The fairies got stir crazy and tried to pull it out.


When told off they went and beat their wings against the window.

Lovely hotel room view though…


Oh, hang on – we had shrimp and grits for tea. With asparagus chopped in. It is the new comfort food.


Distance driven 6 miles

Distance walked – nil