A week off…

The initial plan was that Jake and I were going to go up to Yorkshire and spend a week cycling and walking, then going to my Uncle Mark’s 80th birthday party.
Then my darling husband gave our eldest son some money so he could go to Sidmouth Folk Festival, and being equally soft I offered him a lift down there. Then Jake decided that he would cycle down to Sidmouth and meet me there. Then Jill decided she would like to go part of the way with him. So my healthy week turned into a week in the car!
Jake and Jill set out on Saturday, and Dan and I left on Sunday, to have a nice mosey on down the coast., and to rescue Jill’s luggage as her panniers had broken.

We drove down the A roads, through Arundel and along the road above Plymouth with fantastic views.

We met Jake and Jill at a camp site near Winchester, which was lovely – near to a farm house which looked as if it had not been used as a farm house for many years..

As a campsite it was idyllic, with free range chickens, and a man with a lovely voice who appeared to live in a caravan on the site and breed ducks! He showed us a path to the pub where we went for dinner.

The next day Jake and Jill set off to cycle to Burley in the New Forest – the plan to go all the way to Sidmouth being abandoned because of the heat. Dan and I went to spend the day in Plymouth.

We drove along the B2177 which must be one of the most beautiful roads in England – with Plymouth harbour on one side of the ridge and open country side on the other.

We parked the car at the sea front and saw this Japanese ship go past – with all the sailors lined up and saluting as it left.

We went and had a rummage around an army surplus shop which ranged over three floors like a giant jumble sale.
We ran out of parking time so drove along to the Historic Dockyard and went for a boat trip around the harbour, then on to the Victory.
It was very beautiful – so of course I left my camera in the car.
We went to meet Jake and Jill at the Youth Hostel. Jill had to go to work on Tuesday so Phil came down half way to pick her up, and we met in Wickham. We had dinner at the Veranda Indian restaurant, where Jill and the waiter set up a mutual appreciation society – he could not believe that she had cycled all the way from Kent, and she thought that the restaurant was the best Indian she had ever been in. It was very good.
I drove back to the Youth Hostel through thunderstorms, and when I got back remembered just why I don’t like sleeping in Youth Hostels – I was in a dormitory and every one else had gone to bed and it was pitch black. Luckily I had a torch, and thought that I would be able to slip quietly into my sheet sleeping bag, only to find that the YHA – at a time when supermarkets are being castigated for giving away free carrier bags, and there is a huge backlash against excessive wrapping – have started wrapping full sets of bedlinen in extremely crackly plastic. So I had to make my bed in the dark, I managed the fitted sheet and pillow case, but the duvet cover defeated me and I had to go into the corridor to struggle with it.
The next day we set off through the New Forest – roads complete with New Forest ponies –
and went to Boscombe to see friends who have an art gallery and treatment centre – the Moontree. I had put my shoulder out so treated myself to cranio sacral therapy – which worked a treat!
We carried on to Exeter and treated ourselves to a night in a travelodge before dumping Dan at Sidmouth.
Jake and I set out North, staying overnight in Walsall on the way up. The sat nav took us through many, many suburbs of Birmingham.
The next day, Thursday, was pouring with rain, heavy and relentless.
We were making our way up to Whitby where my cousin Sara had rented a cottage in a small village nearby – Lythe.
We stopped in York to see my sister in law – Morag – she was in the throes of packing as she has sold the house and is moving out into a flat. We saw pictures of Stuart at his graduation – he looked very handsome.
After we left Morags we set the satnav for Lythe and were guided across many tiny lanes across the North York Moors
ending up at this ford!! We turned around!
It got very foggy before we found our way off the moors,
but eventually we got to Whitby and found a fish and chip shop for dinner.

We were staying the next two nights with Sara at the cottage, and I had forgotten that Mark and Roma were staying there too, so it was a nice surprise to find them there.
It was a lovely cottage – although not designed for people of Jakes size!
On Friday Mark and Roma were going to Yorkshire Day, Sara was spending a lazy day in the garden, and Jake and I decided to get at least one days walking. It was a beautiful day – we walked inland for a couple of miles to the Roman signal station at Goldsborough,then down to the coast
along the Cleveland Way
and down to an old railway track to Saltsend. It was beautiful – I would love to go back and do the whole of the Cleveland Way.
We had lunch at a pub in Saltsend, then walked back up to the cottage.
The next day was the Birthday Lunch. We packed up at the cottage and drove over to the restaurant – McCoys at the Tontine.
It is a lovely place – Jake said that it was like eating in a museum – unfortunately my camera had run out of battery so no pictures of the delightful company!
Luckily Mark has sent me pictures from the cottage.