The badlands of Poughkeepsie.

Following a huge breakfast (there were pancakes, and fruit salad and two sorts of frittata and oatmeal and scones….none of your full English malarkey. lovely)  we walked over to collect the hire car.



The view from the high level bridge was beautiful in the sunshine, here seen from behind Phil’s nose.

At the end of the walkway (bridge, it’s a BRIDGE!) there was a lot of ugly shade netting hung up to screen the gardens below.  There had obviously been complaints about it, as there was a huge sign saying that it hadn’t been provided by the borough of Poughkeepsie, or by the National Parks Service, and then right at the end was a small green sign with the only use of ‘passed away’ I will ever approve of. It says ‘to the memory of Robert J Lay, who passed away, on the walkway’


Once we got off the walkway (bridge) the houses became more dilapidated, as did the inhabitants, but we made it to Enterprise in one piece, and were shown to a white car.  We signed it out despite Phil being a bit disappointed that there was no cruise control.  I plugged in my phone to charge and the USB didn’t work. So Phil went in to ask if we could change the car – no cruise control, hmm, OK – no USB – well, obviously the whole car was rendered useless.


So we were upgraded to a rather swanky maroon ve-hicle, which will probably cost an arm and a leg in fuel, but has cruise control and a working USB.



We drove out to New Paltz and stopped for a drink in a bar full of people dressed in green – had forgotten it was St Patrick’s Day. ‘Banks of Loch Lomond’ was playing in the back ground – bit dodgy on the geography there. I really wanted a t-shirt saying ‘I’ve actually visited Ireland and it’s a bit shit’


Thunder clouds were gathering again, we made a quick hike around the historical bits and got back to the car just before the heavens opened.IMG_20160317_170956094

(That’s not a historic bit but I liked the cloud)

In the evening we walked down to Highland again and ate in the Italian restaurant.  Two plates of vomit.


Distance walked – 9.7 miles

Items lost/left behind – camera

Remarkable people met – bouncy man out of his head on something who we met in a liquor store having just won 15 dollars on a scratch card. He said we had brought him luck, and told us he had been to Brixton and Burnley.