Driving – and, er, not much else…

The hotel room view was taken from the car park as I forgot until we were all packed up.


Today was great for me as all I did was sit in the car and knit.


The first hundred miles was enlivened by boards advertising a place called Walldrug. I wish now that we had stopped there – the boards were about every couple of miles for what seemed like at least an hour.


That was only about a quarter of them – I missed a lot.

We saw signs to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home – and were going to divert to see it – but it was 55 miles out of our way which was too far given the distance we had to travel. Boo.

Nothing else interesting until we got to the Green Giant, where we stopped in a small cafe and had hamburgers.


Arrived in Wisconsin Dells about ten thirty – though we weren’t sure how many time zones we had gone over.

Distance walked – about 10 paces to the Green giant

Distance driven 740 miles

Monday is the new day of rest

There are few photographs. We were both feeling worn out and a bit buggish. We went to the office to see if there were any short local walks (receptionist did not understand meaning of the word ‘local’ and every sentence began – ‘you drive to….’) and read the notice board – pride of place was this notice.


Made the effort to go to the nearest village – which was shut. Phil went to look at a possible walk but came back and said that it was near vertical and covered in snow. He then went swimming in the outdoor pool, I stayed in and did more nothing, apart from reading and knitting.  The fairies got stir crazy and tried to pull it out.


When told off they went and beat their wings against the window.

Lovely hotel room view though…


Oh, hang on – we had shrimp and grits for tea. With asparagus chopped in. It is the new comfort food.


Distance driven 6 miles

Distance walked – nil

Riverton to Big Sky


Leaving Riverton was as picturesque as entering it, although soon the landscape became more interesting.


We stopped at Thermopolis, where for the first time I saw a man wearing a proper American hat. Why the proliferation of baseball caps when you can wear one of these?


We had gone to Thermopolis as Phil wanted to swim in their free state owned thermal swimming pool. I was almost up for joining him until I got out of the car and sniffed. Sulphur certainly does smell like rotten eggs. I left him to plunge in and wandered around the park doing an Ingress mission…….


……………..which took me to this – Mother Shipton’s cave on speed.

I took a photograph of Phil bobbing around in the stink of rotten eggs. He said that he didn’t notice the gorgeous brunette who appeared to be feeling him up as he was deep in conversation with the bearded chap in front of him. Hmmm..


We had a wander around afterwards, to marvel at the warm river, and the encrustations (there is a proper word for this but neither Phil nor I can remember it) and saw a man catching a fish. It should have been poached, but was bouncing around on the floor in a distressing manner. I would never make a hunt saboteur as we just walked off and left the fish to it’s fate. For heaven’s sake – either clout it on it’s head and kill and eat it. or put it back in the river.


We drove on to Meeteetsie. How could you not stop at a place called Meeteetsie? It appears that not many do, as the places that weren’t for sale were shut. We parked at the museum (shut), passed the chocalatier, (shut) and went for a drink in the bar. (for sale)


In the bar was a range of flavoured liquor – including one called ‘Hot Dame’.

We had a drink (not hot dame) and walked past the gift shop (for sale)


The scenery started getting more and more scenic, we didn’t stop again until we passed the site of the Smith Mine disaster – hadn’t heard of it before. The mine was in a desolate spot – nothing at all around it.





We were surprised at how far up the mountain the apartment was – and at just how beautiful both the scenery and the apartment were.



The fairies found a bear to play with.



Chicken pie for dinner -cheating!

Distance driven 410 miles

Distance walked 1 mile

Bit further along the Oregon trail


Hotel room view – and we had slept all night next to all this stationery!

It is of note that I went for a swim in the hotel swimming pool, and quite enjoyed it.

We travelled through Gering to get to the Scotts Bluff National park – some of it at snails pace following Benjamin Franklin. On the side of his van it said ‘always punctual’ – well on this occasion he must have been early as he was certainly taking his time.


Gering is not a pretty town.

We only meant to stay at Scotts bluff for about half an hour – but two hours later…

The visitors centre was interesting and the staff were great, so were chatting with them for quite a while. We then drove up to the bluff itself, and had a walk around the trail loop at the top.


Back at the bottom (by driving, not falling) we got out to look at more wheel ruts in the pass, and take pictures of fairies on oxen.


Then there was lots of driving and knitting.


first glimpse of snow covered mountains!


We stopped at Devil’s gate, but didn’t get very close as we stopped at the wrong view point – the signing wasn’t too good.



We then carried on from the beautiful hills into the abomination that was Riverton.


I have never seen so many junk littered gardens. The phrase ‘arse end of nowhere’ must have been coined in Riverton. We ate at Macdonalds, which somehow seemed apt.

Distance driven 340 miles

Distance walked 2.4 miles