On the way home

Decided to travel as far as Witney on the A roads – and apart from a detour through some of the narrowest roads known to man because of an accident on the A40 got there without incident.

Stopped at Witney to go to Cogges farmhouse museum – we used to stop off there on the way down to Herefordshire when the children were younger. In those days it was owned by the council and was pristine and well kept – now it is run by a charity and may be well loved – but doesn’t look it. What a shame. Jake didn’t remember going there at all – should have kept them all in a cupboard until they were 12!

July  August 2011 251

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July  August 2011 258

The above cats were rescue kittens and had only been rehomed yesterday – one of the workers was trying to tempt them out of the barn.

And this kitten is Jill & Karl’s new baby – now with the grand name of Admiral Benbow. We detoured round by Tunbridge Wells especially to meet him.

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