Wisconsin Dells – the pits

We drove down into Wisconsin Dells – it was cold, and the town was decidedly mediocre, like Gatlinburg without the scenery and crazy golf.  We walked up and down the main street, and saw nothing that caught our interest – apart from the photographic studio of HH Bennett and that was shut.

We left the town, hopefully never to return, and went down to Mirror Lake and wandered around the traiils there.


The fairies ran out on to a long tree trunk into the lake – Phil had to climb out and get them back – one fell in but Phil made a heroic rescue. I stood on the edge and shouted.


The trails were short and woody, echoing to the sound of the nearby motorway. Don’t know if you can tell, but I am not impressed by Wisconsin so far.


Phil kept hold of the camera.

Distance driven – not far enough.

Distance walked – 4.3 miles




All we did today was walk around the resort – which is built around ski-ing and golf – so is very much off season. There was a teeny bit of snow left on one slope, and there was one couple out playing golf, and apart from that nothing was happening.

There is a beautiful lake, which in season has boating on it – but at the moment the boats are padlocked to the floating pier. It was nice sitting out and listening to the birds.


The fairies insisted on getting on a pedallo, and sulked mightily when they couldn’t magic the padlock off.



If you look very hard you can see a woodpecker in the tree – it has a white breast.


We went to Walmart to buy icecream and wine – and then did some more nothing.

Distance walked 2.7 miles


Driving – and, er, not much else…

The hotel room view was taken from the car park as I forgot until we were all packed up.


Today was great for me as all I did was sit in the car and knit.


The first hundred miles was enlivened by boards advertising a place called Walldrug. I wish now that we had stopped there – the boards were about every couple of miles for what seemed like at least an hour.


That was only about a quarter of them – I missed a lot.

We saw signs to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home – and were going to divert to see it – but it was 55 miles out of our way which was too far given the distance we had to travel. Boo.

Nothing else interesting until we got to the Green Giant, where we stopped in a small cafe and had hamburgers.


Arrived in Wisconsin Dells about ten thirty – though we weren’t sure how many time zones we had gone over.

Distance walked – about 10 paces to the Green giant

Distance driven 740 miles

To Mount Rushmore..

And so we said goodbye to the mattress capital of the universe,


…and the fairies said goodbye to the mountains.


We drove to the site of Custer’s last stand, and stood around ourselves for a bit.


It was a lovely spot, with birds singing and the sound of trains in the distance.



We were very good and stayed on the sidewalk.

On the way out we saw some prairie dogs.IMG_3248

From then on the landscape got flatter, and flatter. It is difficult to explain the scale of it – just immense  grassland stretching as far as the eye can see.


We drove and drove without stopping – only getting held up by roadworks on the other side of Deadwood.  By held up – I mean stopped still for 20 minutes waiting for the pilot car to take us through. My driver was not happy.



There would be no hugging of construction workers.


We stopped by a lake to stretch our legs, and sit down for a rest on the floating pier.


A little while later there was a forest fire


By the time we got to Crazy horse – which one day will be the Indian  equivalent of the carvings of the presidents at Mount Rushmore – it was just closing. They let us into the parking lot to take a photograph though.


As you can see, there is some way to go.

Just down the road is Mount Rushmore – which although finished was a bit of a disappointment.  I always thought it was much bigger. (channels Father Ted on perspective)

IMG_3279 IMG_3280IMG_3284

Blurry photos of fairies – in spite of several attempts with me holding on to them with my arm out looking like an idiot in front of all the other tourists. My husband wouldn’t have done that to me on purpose, would he?

Got to the holiday Inn in Keystone at the bottom of the hill and collapsed. It is very tiring being driven around.

Distance walked says 186 steps – but it was further than that!

Distance driven 558 miles