Dartmoor – Peaceful – Vast – Quiet…..

Well, we were supposed to be heading North. to do some walking and wild camping – but when we went to pack the extremely expensive lightweight super dooper singing and dancing tent – it wasn’t there. Dan had taken it to Sidmouth. There was a slight ruction – which ended in us heading for Sidmouth and a walking holiday in Dartmoor rather than Yorkshire. Sulk.

Had quite a good drive until we got to Stonehenge – where we joined the usual queue of traffic worshipping at the site.
It is quite awe inspiring though – even from photographs taken from a car in a traffic jam.
We then went past the pig palaces on the other side of the road! Arrived in Sidmouth and met up with Dan – managed to miss seeing any Morris side dance! The campsite looked like a mudbath already – and this was only the first weekend. I would like to stress that we didn’t leave Dan without a tent! I didn’t buy this picture frame for my Best Friend – precisely because she IS my best friend!
We set out for Dartmoor – and after a bit of faffing around, chose somewhere to put the tent. It was a short way from a very quiet road – and there was not a building or anything else in sight.
Unfortunately there was a group of boys camping somewhere across the valley – and they were Very Loud. They were still shouting and yahooing at about 1 oclock in the morning – Jake and I plugged into our MP3s and ignored it – but Phil was a bit unsettled and spent a lot of the night in the car – armed with a small rock. Bless.