Week ending the 12th

Not a lot happening over the week – went back to work where the wrapped building is being unwrapped – and while this is happening the different departments have been moved into different buildings – in case we are speared by a scaffolding pole, or smothered by plastic sheeting.
Most of us are in ‘pods’ – in reality portacabins – some have been left to take their chances on the ground floor of the wrapped building, and the rest have been shoved in an attic on the other side of the complex.
The rest of the building is empty during the night, and the trip to the loo is down stairs and along a dark, deserted corridor. I am trying to create a ghost story or two here…..!!
Dan passed his interview and just has to wait for references – though they will probably reject him when they realise that he is related to me!
I had another spectacular fall – before work I was getting something from a chair, turned to walk away and almost put my foot on the kitten. I missed my footing and fell heavily on my hip on the quarry tiled floor – yet another spectacular bruise. I really must get a zimmer frame – or a servant.