Managed to nearly slice fingers off while demonstrating how the knives fitted into the new knife block

Lovely evening with best friends around – fantastic cake made by Georgina.

AND – a Cook Cheesecake from my lovely daughter

Burke Christmas Party

Went up to St Albans for a walk around the town, but only made it to a pub and the cathedral.

 Passed a hotel (an hotel?) with a very pretentious menu.

 Jake joined in the jollity with gusto.

 There was much jollity over photo bombing by a finger

and another finger…

 Walked through the dusk up to the cathedral

 where there was a cross casting a large shadow

 we went inside and there was a service going on – so listened to the choir and organ for a while

 very plain walls with no memorials

 Walked back down to the car

 past the floods – well, a large puddle.

 Last glimpse of the cathedral.

Went to Waitrose – no idea what buttons have to do with Christmas – but they played a large part in the display on the windows.

Party at Tim & Deb’s was fun – all the family there and the Corrigans. Dan arrived after having tended to the half drowned. Had a good chat with Morag and Jen. Jacob drove us home while Dan took Jill and Karl.