Military Oddity

Spent the whole of last week moving furniture and Sorting things – now have bedroom turned into a sewing room/office/dressing room – and the tiny room we used to have as an office/wardrobe is now a swanky four poster bed type thing!
Then three days at work – and today went up to Military Oddity to meet some people.
Well, Eggy, Rachel and Pete. Jake and I drove up – we had a nice time wandering and chatting – but didn’t really get the urge to throw myself back into re-enacting. It was a foul windy rainy day as well.
We brought Dan back with a Japanese guy who needed a bed for the night – and had a takeaway pizza for dinner.

Spent the weekend flirting..

So no change there then. I stood at the bottom of these steps to a Dakota C47 catching men in their prime as they staggered down into my arms. It was veterans weekend at RAF Shawbury so there were lots of stories and memories. As well as meeting all the elderly – these two nice young men helped on Saturday.
It was quite busy – but I managed to get out to see the marching band, and we had a look around the other hall and had our photo taken in the glider.
It rained heavily most of the day and well into the evening. As we sat in the sports hall we could hear it pound down – on checking the tent that the RAF had kindly lent us it was clear that it wasn’t coping at all – so the three of them using it carried their stuff through the deluge and into the sports hall to sleep.
It was lucky that they did as the tent floor had about half an inch of water on it in the morning.
Sunday was spent much the same way as Saturday, although without the company of the young men. There was a fly past of a swordfish plane.

We went to the church service but were very late so had to stand at the back – possibly a good thing as as soon as the bugler played the last post I started snivelling and by the time the veterans were marching out with their standards I couldn’t sing a word of Jerusalem I was blubbing too much.

Had our photograph taken with the veterans – and then dodged roadworks and accidents to get home.

Civil war,snakes and gossip

Today was the re-enactment of the Battle of Maidstone from the Civil War – the English one.
There was a mixture of fat old men and gal troops halfheartedly struggling up Gabriels Hill – here they are prior to the taking of Lush.There was almost a second battle as council employees herded passers by out of the path of the battle in front of people who had been standing waiting to watch for about half an hour, and then lined up along the barrier themselves so that children couldn’t see past them.The idea of having the battles on the streets was good but in practice it didn’t work, as there was no provision for spectators and only the first two rows had any hope of seeing anything. Managed to get a couple of photographs after the battle though.

Went onto my friend Lindi’s house for a very pleasant afternoon gossiping and watching her son’s snake eat a mouse.
I haven’t posted the video I took in the interests of good taste.