Eltham Palace

 Realised that our English Heritage membership expires at the end of February – so went up to Eltham Palace – which is fantastic – and I want to live there! Failing Eltham Palace wouldn’t mind a six bedroom house with swimming pool that we saw on the way home – but at 2.25 million I think that is about as out of reach as Eltham Palace is.

Leeds Castle

 It’s good now that Jill has passed her driving test – as I got chauffeur (should that be chauffeuse?) driven to Leeds Castle. Minor blip in that we passed the turn off for the entrance, so went to the Park Gate Inn to turn round and stopped there for lunch.
It is £18.50 entrance fee now!! This lasts for a year – but would be good to have a day entry too.
Walking to the castle we saw a duck on a nest – I hate to think that she laid those eggs! More likely babysitting for a swan.

 First glimpse of the castle.

 You want to take my photograph? Really?

 OK – pose!

Door knocker of the year

This spot was really beautiful as the water from the moat was reflecting on the curve of the alcove in little ripples of light.

Shoe storage as it should be.

I have decided, that if the late Spring residence is going to be the Van Buren house in Brussels, then this is going to be my Summer House.

Have to get rid of the birds though – pesky peacocks and loud parrots.

Swans could prove useful though – can you eat the eggs?

She made her nest so close to the path – either very trusting or very stupid.