Seven Champions Ale

Looking good – the girls

and ….. bounce!

Mr Winter – what really goes on under his hat

Big grin from Lucy
Is she holding him up? Or is this free style arm wrestling?

Jill & Phil
The elegant Mr & Mrs Farrell
Chris and Tracey’s wedding anniversary presentation
The only man taller than Dan – Jigantic James
Dan and Jill – demonstrating the sober behaviour inherited from their parents
Nick – the best man at our wedding

Treacle testing
Newest member of the Tarts

 Cotswold dancer captured by two midgets

Kidnapped – the knitted champ – but a much loved hostage.
Fat woman dancing.
Windsor morris through the ages – serenading Chris & Tracey
Performance of the lambs
Our version of Morris offspring

Newcastle Kingsmen.


Drove up to Doncaster with Jake to break our journey on to Whitby – set off very late as was hoping til the last minute that Phil could come, but he had to stay at home and kill wasps. Had a good journey up. In the morning we thought we would go to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park – but had forgotten it was the school holidays – and only made it as far as the carpark – which was already heaving. It looked as if it was going to be hell on earth, so we drove straight out again and carried on up to Yorkshire.
We got to Whitby after getting stuck in a traffic jam around York, and found Champs corner and set up camp there.

Jake had a couple of days wandering around on his own, and I went to workshops with Janey and learnt clog and revisited rapper dancing.