The night was very cold – I was grateful for my new down sleeping bag! Poor Phil – who didn’t have a down sleeping bag, and was sleeping on the side of the tent with no vestibule didn’t have too good a night. I watched the sun come up.

In the car though – not outside! There was frost on the grass and on the tent!

It was spectacular – what a view to wake up to.
We went for an early morning walk – just up the hill and back.

Then it was time to start driving over to Yorkshire – we drove past the pub we had visited on our cycle ride, and then headed to Sedburgh – town of books!
Phil left me there to spend rather a lot of money – and he took the camera and cycled to Settle where I drove to meet him.

We had booked into the travelodge in Skipton – not because of the icy weather the night before – we are tough!! But we didn’t want to miss Strictly Come Dancing. I couldn’t find the best fish and chip shop in the world so we gave up and had a pint, then got a Burger from Burger King to eat in the room while watching. Bliss!

camping night

We packed up and set off for Wrynose pass to walk down Dungeon Ghyll. We managed to get the last car parking space – it was really busy and a lot of walkers were booting up and setting out, but after the first half mile or so we were more or less on our own.

Initially the path was lovely – but then plunged downward.

It was a lot more plunging than it looks! Managed it despite wobbly legs though.

Phil left me knitting by the river and went off to look at this waterfall – then we walked along the valley floor to a pub. The river had had ridges set along it – not sure what for – possibly for fulling textiles?

The pub had a very swish fire – with a combined boiler to the right.
On our way back to the car we were asked the way by a young man accompanied by an harem (is it an harem – like an hotel – or should it be a harem?) of about 5 giggling and exhausted young women – they didnt have a map between them and had no idea which way they should be going.

The sunset was turning the lake golden.

We eventually got back to the road – to a long almost vertical pull back up to the car.

We drove down along the Duddon Valley again to a campsite we had seen when we were cycling. We got a little secluded field all to ourselves – and settled down and watched the sunset – spectacular.

Tent was a bit cramped!

One pint too many..

We drove out to Wastwater to do some walking which hopefully didn’t involve steep drops and vertiginous rock faces.

The path started off pretty flat – but soon went straight up the hillside – but in a way that I could cope with! We initially planned to walk along a path near to the water edge – but it looked very rocky.

It was a brilliant path – rolling up and down along the hilltops – with wonderful views.

We only saw about 5 other people up there – the mist kept threatening to come down – but never quite engulfed us.

We got to the bottom safely and had a look at two campsites – the National Trust one and one near to the pub – both surprisingly full considering the weather and time of year. The pub one was very cheap – only £5 a night – but they both looked crowded compared to wild camping!
The pub was good – obviously had a clientele based on climbers and hikers as it had its own outdoor shop in an outbuilding next door – and also some brilliant pictures.

It was also the home of the worlds biggest liar!
Phil said that it was just a couple of miles back to the car. In my innocence I thought that this was from the pub – but he hadn’t counted the mile from the pub to the lake – just the length of the lake itself. So despite walking fast – it got darker …
and darker …….
Until it was pitch black. Luckily at that point a car slowed and the angels inside offered us a lift – I was inside before Phil had chance to think about it! They were a really nice couple – think they were father and daughter – he had fallen a couple of days earlier and had knocked out some of his teeth, and then the next day had to have the mountain rescue out looking for him as he hadn’t got home – we then started wondering if he was safe to drive us! We were safely delivered back to the car though.