A bit more of the North Downs Way

March 2010 021

Jake wanted a walk with Jill and Karl before he set out – so I tagged along as well. Dan gave us a lift to the Medway bridge, and we started out over the picturesque Medway.March 2010 028 March 2010 031

Again – this will be mostly pictures as there isn’t a lot to say about walking.

March 2010 041

View of the bridge from the North Downs.

March 2010 042

Some nice person had put out a sofa to sit on so you could look at the bridge.

March 2010 046

March 2010 044March 2010 053March 2010 055

March 2010 056

March 2010 058

March 2010 059 March 2010 063

March 2010 066 March 2010 070

The vast open fields of the Downs.

March 2010 067

The number of car parts that we saw – we could have assembled our own vehicle to get us home at the end of the walk.

March 2010 071

Zipwires down from the Downs!

March 2010 075

We made the mistake of stopping for a drink in Detling – well – maybe two drinks.

March 2010 077

Jill and Jake played the flexible face game – and we gave up and called Dan to ask for a lift home – but he took us back to Gail and Mick’s – haven’t been to seen them for ages.

March 2010 078

They had a full house as Rabble had been egg rolling on Hollingbourne hill.

March 2010 084 March 2010 080March 2010 081March 2010 083