Wednesday the youth element and I went camping down to Preston. We have been going to the same campsite for years now – it is a plum orchard with no facilities except for one of the worlds most beautiful loos and a shower. I recommended it to one of the people at work and she asked what the club room was like and whether there was a swimming pool – not quite!
Jake and I drove down with all the camping stuff and our bikes, and Jill and Velcroman came on the train.
Jake and I got the tent up and went for a bike ride around the back lanes, then I drove into Canterbury to pick up the other two and buy food and bike helmets.
We got back to the campsite and cooked sausages and some of us drank beer. The sky was fantastic – we sat out until quite late.

The next day Jake decided to cycle home rather than be sociable and come to the Florida ceilidh in the evening. I have no idea how to make the picture turn around the other way – so you will just have to tilt your head.

Jill, Velcro and I cycled to Richborough castle – where we sat in the car park to eat sandwiches and J &V went to the English Heritage shop to buy sweets and icecream.

Jill came back saying that the assistant had been very huffy when they told him that they didn’t want to go into the site, just to buy food. You think that they would be greatful to sell anything on a Thursday afternoon! We went onto Sandwich (yes, I know we should have eaten our sandwiches in Sandwich – but some things are just too predictable) We had a wander round and went for the customary pint at the Red Cow.
Halfway back to the campsite I got a phone call from Jake saying that he had got home but that all the doors were locked. We have been very lax with security (cobblers children have no shoes) so the fact that he could not only get in the front door – but that someone had had the nerve to lock the back door as well was quite surprising. Luckily Phil had not left work so made a detour to let him in. We really must remember to take keys with us!
It is a lovely ride from Preston to Sandwich – I must make sure that I grow up into a scrawny fit old boot who is still cycling and hiking at 83.
We went on down to Broadstairs to meet Phil – went for a quick zoom around the craft fair and then to the ceilidh with Florida playing. My Best Friend Elaine Stood Us Up – for some spurious reason to do with her being ill. (She has since tried to apologise with Green and Blacks ginger chocolate – she knows me too well.)It was the family ceilidh so it was swamped with children who on the whole were a lot better dancers than some of the adults. Kingsmen danced rapper in the interval – I want to dance rapper again sooooo much – I have the swords – just need the people! We met up with Joe and Jenny –
Jenny used to be one of my best friends, and Joe used to live next door but one to us. We acted as cupid, then they moved up to Cumbria and we are rarely in touch now, which is a shame! I am not very good at keeping in touch.

I had to go back to the campsite and stay the night with Jill and Velcro as could not load the bike on the car in the dark. As we were driving back we could see flashes of lightening in the sky
and just as I was making my way back from the most beautiful loo in Kent the thunder started rumbling. It started to rain soon afterwards – it is fantastic being in a tent in a thunderstorm.
No leaks!

Left J & V for a romantic night on their own and drove back to go to work from 1200 to 2200.

To a building which did leak – but does no more because there has been a partially successful attempt to shrink wrap it. It would have been a lot cheaper to provide us all with rainsuits and umbrellas!

I have also got camping ankles.

Why, oh why don’t I ever learn that I am just so tasty?