County show

I volunteered to work at the County Show this year for the Paranoid Organisation in the wrapped building. So I covered many people with stickers and had a free lunch – what better way to spend a working day!
I met this robot –
and this cute Police Officer.

I also felt the most wonderful fabric ever – a shahtoosh shawl I wonder if I could breed Tibetan Antelope on the allotment?

Section 2 trip to France

La Creme de la creme of the wrapped building went to Paris today by Eurostar.
The pink hat was a Christmas present from my darling daughter

We went for a drink in a cafe.

Then for some culture at Notre Dame.

Onto the Eifel Tower

No – I didn’t go up – but Richard did and was glad to come back to solid ground!

We went on a boat trip down the Seine – where Anna didn’t fall in despite getting wet.

Home again.