Hampton Court – the annual mother and daugh.. Yawn..

Jill and I went up to Hampton Court again for our annual Christmas visit. It was absolutely pouring down with rain – and also windy and cold – which may have influenced our feelings – but we didn’t enjoy it as much as previous years. The food was good! But the re-enactors were a bit lacklustre – we couldn’t hear what they were saying in the Great Hall – they either need to project more or get microphones. We didn’t see our favourite fool – he wouldn’t have been able to do his normal courtyard performance anyway because of the rain. Our favourite pair of cooks were huddled in a corner painting marzipan and weren’t interacting with the public like they usually do. For a change we went around the Georgian parts of the palace, had an interesting chat with one of the guides who told us about Prince Frederick, eldest son of George Second, being killed by a cricket ball.
We left to go to shopping!

Christmas Day

We had a good day at work – lots of laughs and silly hats. Anne Widdecombe came in for her last visit as an mp as she is retiring after the current parliament – might not agree with a lot of her politics but I do respect how she gives up a big chunk of her christmas day to visit the emergency services. I love this photo of Alan – not that we spend a lot of time giggling!

Christmas Eve

Jill and Karl came over on Christmas Eve as I was working on Christmas Day. Phil cooked the dinner – which was a bit of an adventure as the turkey hadn’t thawed properly and the gas didn’t seem to be working at peak production, so we ended up microwaving turkey slices, and frying the roast vegetables, and didn’t sit down to eat until after 9.

I can’t get out!!

Nice bit of considerate parking here – it would have been practically impossible for me to get the citroen out and twist it around between the two vans on the icy street. Luckily Dan pitched up in the honda as I was thinking I would have to walk! We were very restrained and didn’t let the tyres down.