Peter Pan

Elaine and I still hadn’t had enough of each other, and had bought tickets to go and see Peter Pan
in Kensington Gardens – the play. We walked from Victoria – more or less the same way that Phil and I had walked a few weeks ago. I got a better picture of the Duke!
We had a drink in the same pub that Phil and I went to – and then came out and looked in the shop across the road, which I hadn’t realised before belonged to the iconic Patricia Roberts – the little cardigans were beautiful – but at around £75 each would be both too expensive for most people to buy – whilst still not providing any real profit or living wage for the knitter. I wonder how much they are paid?
Managed not to fall down outside the-hotel-which-is-so-exclusive-it-has-no-name this time, and we had a quick peek inside Harvey Nicks – oh Ya!
We bought some bread and cake in Harrods food hall – but now it was getting on – so we had to gallop across to Kensington Gardens.
Glimpse of the Albert Memorial in the distance,
and the boy we had come to see.
I cleverly managed to get us on the wrong side of the Long Water so we had to walk much further and dodge under railings and around fountains, as by now it was getting late!
Just time to sit down and eat our Harrods take out – look at that seriously gooey passionfruit and orange bun!
The play was good – although had a dearth of Red Indians – and Tiger Lilys dance was definitely for the Dads in the audience. The crocodile was great – as was Tinkerbell – but much better described in the link above.
We walked back to Harrods via the Victoria and Albert – although we only stopped to look at the pond that Phil used to look after.
In Harrods we went up to the pet store and looked at the gorgeous kittens – I fell in love with a fluffy ginger kitten with pleading blue eyes – but at £900 he stayed in the shop. We had a tour of an Osprey rucksack – but at over £200 that stayed in the shop as well. All I bought was a bean cutter – but I got a Harrods points card with it! We left through the food hall.

We didn’t stop for fish and chips – look at the price!!
On the way back through Knightsbridge we pretended we were rich and got money out from the Coutts (Royal Bankers) cash point.

We were looking for a pub – and caught a glimpse of hanging baskets in a little mews – so investigated and found a lovely pub with History! It was the Star – where the Great Train Robbery was planned.
End of another lovely day – sun just starting to set as we walked back to Victoria.

Spamalot – the outing.

Christmas and New Year presents this year were tickets to Spamalot.
Due to feeling rather fragile (see yesterdays post) we didn’t set out until quite late. We drove up as even with parking and Jake having to leave and get the train back on Friday it was still cheaper than getting the train. So much for global warming!
Arrived at the travelodge about two hours too early to book in – so went across to a really good pub – just meant to have a quick drink but two hours later we were still there!
Booked in at the travelodge then walked over to meet Jill and Karl -luckily not bashing our heads on tree branches on the way – thankyou Westminster Council for warning us. Both the pub that we suggested meeting at and the restaurant that we planned to eat in were shut – good start – but luckily Melanies Italian restaurant next door was open, and we got a table which, although near the door, fitted us all in.
I had gnocchi – and zabaglione – delicious in a wonderful comfort food type way.

We finished dinner far too early to go to the theatre – but judging by the number of people who were turned away as the restaurant was full – that was a good thing. We went for a look at the bookshop opposite and then went to the fantastically named pub – the Pillars of Hercules.
Just far enough off the beaten track to miss the tourists.
The theatre was guarded by a rotweiler in the guise of a woman – who was quite terse when I took this picture – and told me quite forcibly that flash photography was NOT allowed in the theatre while I was taking this photograph from the steps outside the theatre.
We had really good seats (Thankyou – row B in the stalls – and the show was really good – although wish I had got my finger out and booked when Tim Curry was playing Arthur.

Liked the poster!
Walked back to the Travelodge – pictures from the walk back.

Collapsed into bed and watched Shooting Stars.


Phil and I went to see this two hour romp through paedophilia, murder, psychiatry and restorative justice tonight. At the interval there was a smattering of applause as people sat wondering whether to move or not. It was a harrowing evening – the actor playing the murderer was almost too good.
As remarked above – I am shallow – and get enough angst at work – so would rather see a good musical or comedy. For those who like to be harrowed it was a brilliant play.

Al Murray lost my hat

Had a gloriously lazy day – it was foul weather all morning. Our bedroom is up in the attic so it is great lying there and listening to the rain hurl itself at the windows – although at one point we heard a steady drip as if some had found its way in.
We pretended it wasn’t there, and it went away.
Set off with Jake at around 5 to go up to London – went to our usual parking place near Sevenoaks and caught the train in. We were early so went and had a drink in the Wetherspoons pub “Lord Moon of the Mall” in Whitehall – where do they get the names from?
We walked up to the Palladium through Trafalgar Square (No tree yet – not until Thursday) and saw the new sculpture on the fourth plinth. Very Ugly.

I suppose it is better than the last one – my favourites were the first two.
We went on up Regent Street – very futuristic Christmas decorations.

Al Murray was brilliant as usual – he is so quick and witty, although if he didn’t use the word ‘fuck’ then the show would be about half an hour shorter.
He builds his show around the audience so it changes every time you see it – this time he had a rather large policeman (PC Thud)an accountancy worker (secretary with a calculator) and a rather pretentious drunk woman who said she was ‘in property’ – Al – ‘you mean you do the housework love’
Walked back through Carnaby Street – I loved the Christmas chains – they were huge.

Got all the way back to the Lord Moon, half an hour before last train, had a drink, went to the loo, looked in the mirror and no hat!!!
Left in the Palladium. I have rung them and it hasn’t been handed in.
It was my favourite “red-hat-no-drawers-bought-in-Canada” hat!
Again I end a post – Bugger!