Happy New Year!

Spent New Years Eve day at work -with two hours compulsory overtime – so by the time I got home after working from 0600 to 1800 all I felt like doing was going to sleep.
However, luckily I have a strongminded husband and best friend and was dragged out to la Tasca for dinner, and had a wonderful time! Georgina was home from university so joined us.

The company was good,

and the waiter was cute.
We saw in the New Year with a motley crew of strangers, but it was good fun, and we all sang Auld Lang Syne and drank something fizzy.
Georgie had red shoes!
I was jealous!

The Annual Hampton Court Mother and Daughter Outing

Only this year had to go over and pick Jill up from her new home – by the time I had dragged myself around there, and dragged her out of her house, and we had been to Lidl and crawled around the M25 we didn’t get there until about 1330.
Phil suggested that we parked in Bushey park – and it was a good idea as there was plenty of free parking and not much further to walk. Also got to see the Diana fountain again which was beautiful against the winter sky.We ate in the Tiltyard Cafe, then went into the Palace. The tree was beautiful – decorated with real lilies so it smelt gorgeous as well – and I managed to photograph some orbs which I am now reliably and disappointingly told by many, many websites and my husband, are nothing more than dust spots.
We caught the last few minutes of the Fools performance in the courtyard – I really must learn how to turn videos the right way up.

We carried on up to the Great Hall to watch the dancing, and joined in, then down to the kitchens to look at the cookery and spent a while talking to one of the cooks. (As usual!)A rather bad photograph of the two cooks who we see every year.

One last farandole – although not led by the fool – so rather a sedate circle of the Great Hall rather than a race through the Palace. (Jill – have found another word to go with ‘tot’ and ‘blaze’ and ‘cash’ – how about ‘romp’? I was almost tempted to use it there, but the red headline warning flashed.) (For anyone else – this is our collection of tabloid speak)
I seem to take the same photographs every year – but the tree with the mistletoe is so beautiful.

So is my daughter!

It was Christmas Day in the workhouse…

…and Christmas Eve, and the day before that, and Boxing Day … but you have to pay for your pleasures somehow!
Following the marathon to Switzerland I had a day off work (spent collapsed on the sofa) and then 5 ten hour shifts at work. Not too bad – and Christmas Day was fun as we had Christmas dinner served as we worked – a huge one and really tasty – thanks Zoe and Simon.
Phil was in the middle of cooking dinner when I got home at 2000 on Christmas day – so by the end of the evening I was definitely well fed. He had decorated the conservatory with holly and set the table – it looked really nice, and we had a lovely evening.

Note home grown sprouts – and the bike trainer in the background which I will need to start using if I carry on eating two huge dinners in one day – not to mention the Baileys.

Well, maybe I should start using it anyway – just look at this large pink blob!
Who took photographs of the others at the feast – but loves them too much to post them in public domain.
They were not flattering!