Farby farb farbs – and Rachel.

On the spur of the moment, and slightly crazed by three night duties – I decided to head up to Stanford Hall to my first re-enactment in about 3 years. I wanted to see a couple of people and then thought that I could go and see one of my best friends in Rugby. (slight confusion with next door neighbour who couldn’t understand why I was going to Rugby – seems that he thought I was going to a match – not the town)
Had a reasonable journey up there – the jams were all on the other side of the road, including a horrific complete standstill on the M25 between the Dartford crossing and the M11 – about 17 miles. People had started to build small communities and plant crops. It was a wonderful feeling speeding past on the opposite carriageway – always with that slight feeling of dread that it might be your turn next! One good thing about going off intending to camp is that you know that you have sleeping bag, lights, a book and enough food and drink for a couple of days – although I think this is a prerequisite for driving on any motorway.
I got up to Stanford at about 1700 – saw Pete and Freddy straight away, so after getting changed and watching Pete try (and fail) to get his van out of the mud, we walked down to the civilian camp.
It was good to see Van and Mrs Van – and it was great to meet Rachel who is the first person that I have met who looks almost as if she could be as scruffy as the Drudge – and who must have actually Read a Book and Looked at a Picture before she thought about what she was going to wear. Oh, yes – she looks as if she DID think about what she was wearing – and looked – and was – great. I am glad that Eggy has met someone as nice as he is!
We sat and watched a young girl play a violin, and some people enjoying themselves. If it hadn’t been a re-enactment I would have had enjoyed it – but I am a horrible judgemental person and all I could think of was – how could you even think of wearing that! I had a cuddle with a nine week old baby – so cute – no photo!
Drank a lot of wine and slept in the car – there by missing Rachels beercan tantrum which evidently was loud and long! Realised why I don’t re-enact any more – uncomfortable – unauthentic – unhistoric – unbelievable.
Went onto Rugby to see the Fitzpatricks – Harriet is grown into a beautiful young woman and Felicity and Patrick are as lovely and unchanged as ever. Had a good afternoon gossiping and boring them with my holiday photos, and then drove home.

Picture of noble Eggy