The New Paula Radcliffe – and video to prove it!

Not to be outdone – I ran over the Cooper bridge! Or whatever it is called nowadays – it is a long way – over 10k there and back. There is a Bridge run every year which is 10k start to finish, but although we didn’t go right out to Mount Pleasant – we did do both ways – admittedly at a modified scouts pace – running for two lightposts and walking two light posts. We went back to the room and collapsed for a while – then went out and ate at Hymans seafood restaurant. It is very popular – there is usually a huge queue outside – but as we were going at about 1500 there was absolutely nobody waiting and we got straight in. Phil adventurously had shrimp and grits – the jury is still out on that one! It is a bit like a very thick fish soup served on semolina. Later one of the owners came around to see if we were all happy – took his photo with Phil to boost his (already inflated) ego. On each table there was a little cup holding cards with mottos etc on them – including one which suggested 50 ways to keep your marriage strong. Number 30 was to wink at your partner – I think the jury is still out on that one too!Afterwards we walked around for a while, then when it got dark went down to the battery. We went to the Southend Brewery and another bar – can’t remember the name of that one ironically as it was better than the Southend.
. We weren’t hungry enough to eat out again – so went back to the room and ate and drank all the leftovers before packing up.
Loneliness of a long distance runner – no – walker – no runner….

Cold weather –

Rick and Mary came over early and we met them at the Mills House to go on a civil war walk. The weather was absolutely freezing! It was an interesting tour– and Rick was very good and didn’t speak out each time the tour guide was inaccurate, but saved it for lunch. We went to Five Guys , which was what Macdonalds should be like -lovely burgers and fries. We took Mary at home to start dinner, and Rick drove us out to Fort Moultrie, past more beautiful houses including this one, shaped like an egg for hurricane protection!

We even saw my beautiful yellow house – and it was for sale! Only 3,700,00 dollars – it has 5 bedrooms, a guest annexe, and a swimming pool. It’s my birthday on 24th April – any chance?

At Fort Moultrie Rick took us on a special guided tour and we were extremely jealous after seeing where he works, surrounded by books. We then collected Mary and went on to Fort Johnstone, and then to the site of the battle of Seccessionsville. It is great going with Rick as he knows EVERYTHING – and is so interesting how he tells it! He is also not afraid to drive where we shouldn’t – so we got to see slave cabins on a university site, and this portion of confederate entrenchments which is in a Country Club and has been turned into the eleventh tee of their golf course.I also got taken around some retail history at Target and Piggly Wiggly.We ended the day at Rick and Marys, and had a gorgeous dinner and lots of talk. Missed Ashton though!

Culture and Cocktails

– We had meant to set out early as there were 4 houses and the museum left to visit on our visitor passes – but in the end we only managed to visit the Heyward Washington house and the Edmondston Alston house in the morning, and the museum in the afternoon. The weather was glorious at first –very hot and sunny. We walked past rainbow row – so called because the houses are all painted different colours.
The Edmonston Alston house is right on the sea on the Battery – we watched a yacht race start while we were waiting on the balcony for the tour guide, but it was so hot and still that the yachts were not making much progress!
On the porch was a joggling board, and I had a great time bouncing up and down with two children who were in the group – I want a joggling board now! The tour was interesting and the house lovely, but not on my lottery list. We walked on to the Heyward Washington house where we were shown around by a young girl who didn’t inspire confidence in her knowledge – and was not terribly interesting. The garden was beautiful though.
When we came out into the garden it was cloudy – although still warm. We went to Shucks for dinner again, yes, more crab cakes and another Charleston spiced peach cocktail! We went to the museum in the afternoon – it was very good, lots of clothes and textiles, and a lot on rice plantations and the civil war. We went to Tbones in the evening, although I was almost falling asleep. Phil insisted that we went out and looked for music – we ended up in a bar called Vickerys where two musicians were doggedly playing to a sparse audience. Luckily they finished soon, so I was allowed to go to bed – Phil went out for a walk on the battery!

Plantation Day

It was very hot! We went up to the Visitors centre to buy tourist passes which took us into plantations and houses and museums. We went to Middleton Place first, it was beautiful. You have to click on the link – our photos didn’t do it justice. Even the car park was great!
We saw butterflies as big as sparrows –
and a terrapin –
and an alligator!
We had dinner there – waited on by the very helpful but slightly robotic Greg,
I had she crab soup, Low country sampler – which was pulled pork, collard greens, sweetcorn, biscuit and rice and beans, and peach cobbler. The restaurant was beautiful. We went on to look at the blacksmiths shop and work shops- and saw this hardcore worker – no shoes! Respect!
Also, the daftest, happiest looking cow ever.
Whoops – wrong picture!

We went on to Drayton Hall,
which was not as commercial as Middleton House, and was in the hands of the American version of the National Trust. It was great as when I was doing my research for the cruise talks I had seen a photograph of the house taken when it was in a really dilapidated state – so it was good to see that it was now taken care of. We had a brief talk about slavery there, then went on a guided tour of the house – done by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable girl called Amanda.
At the end we joined the National Trust as you got a free rice spoon! Amanda is carrying one in the photo above. We were so tired when we got back that we just collapsed in the hotel room.