Dan has been thinking of joining the navy – and yesterday I was talking with an ex-submairiner who was strongly advocating a life under the water, rather than on top of it.
So we – any excuse for a trip – went down to the Submarine museum in Gosport.
This did not have the intended result – Dan has decided never – ever – to go in a submarine – mainly because of the escape training -where you have to go up about 2 miles of water without oxygen – but better find that out before you join than after!
It was a great museum – lots of buttons to press – and tours of submarines. We finished the day with fine dining at Macdonalds.

Happy Birthday Tim

Had a lovely afternoon at a Garden Party (capital G and P) eating fantastic food, drinking delightful wine and conversing with charming people. It was Tim’s fiftieth – always thought he was much younger although that may be a case of age fixation – you know – how you meet someone at the age of 20 and from then on that person is always 20 in your minds eye. So, Tim will always be about 33 to me.

County show

I volunteered to work at the County Show this year for the Paranoid Organisation in the wrapped building. So I covered many people with stickers and had a free lunch – what better way to spend a working day!
I met this robot –
and this cute Police Officer.

I also felt the most wonderful fabric ever – a shahtoosh shawl I wonder if I could breed Tibetan Antelope on the allotment?