Farewell my Lovairrrr….

My lovairrr – my darling Georgio to my Lucia – is leaving me. He is going to University in Switzerland, to learn how to make cuckoo clocks or some such.

I cycled down after work for a farewell drink with him and My Friend Lindi at the pub whose name no-one can remember at Notcutts, which took me a lot longer than I thought as I got lost in Mote Park, and possibly shouldn’t have been in Mote Park in the first place.

Isn’t he gorgeous?

I saw a balloon landing in the field next to the pub as I got there – the first time I have ever seen one land -I was so excited!

Military Oddity

Spent the whole of last week moving furniture and Sorting things – now have bedroom turned into a sewing room/office/dressing room – and the tiny room we used to have as an office/wardrobe is now a swanky four poster bed type thing!
Then three days at work – and today went up to Military Oddity to meet some people.
Well, Eggy, Rachel and Pete. Jake and I drove up – we had a nice time wandering and chatting – but didn’t really get the urge to throw myself back into re-enacting. It was a foul windy rainy day as well.
We brought Dan back with a Japanese guy who needed a bed for the night – and had a takeaway pizza for dinner.

Dickens World – or Waste of Space

Jill and I had some tesco vouchers burning holes in ouir pockets – so decided to experience Dickens World – as it was local and sounded so delightfully trashy. Trashy it certainly was – although the word delightful certainly didn’t apply.
I had no idea what to expect – I had thought it was part of the Dockyard complex – so had gone with high hopes of a historical experience.
It isn’t on the Dockyard – it is in the outlet shopping area – which is possibly the best place for it.
The booking hall has a hopeful winding roped off queuing area which was totally empty, and a rather bored girl on the ticket stand -who told us that the boat ride wasn’t working at the moment – but probably would be later on.
We handed over our vouchers and went in. First impressions were that it would be great – looking over the rooftops – with rickety looking bridges and a wide open space in the middle. To get in you had to push past people having their photographs taken in ‘Victorian’ costume, by a girl wearing an Oxfam bridesmaids dress. Then down steps into the space in the middle. There was a shop to one side with cards on racks outside and tables with lots of rubbish on it. Next to it was a cafe – more like a canteen layout with tables outside. We sat down at one of the tables to watch ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ which was just about to be ‘acted’ in the centre space.

I have seen some bad acting in my time – but nothing to beat this. The – I hesitate to call them actors – the people playing the parts were miming to an incredibly loud and overacted sound track. I suppose this means that they don’t have to learn their lines and can get by with employing people straight from the street with little enthusiasm and even less talent – which is what they appeared to have done.

It didn’t even reach the category of being so bad it was good – if you know what I mean! After that travesty we went to watch a 3D cartoon of Dickens life which was reasonably average – sprayed water on you twice – once when a man spat in a spitoon (tasteful) and then when a train crashed into a river.
We then had a ride on the boat – another missed opportunity. The canal it was on wove through and round the buildings – looking at nothing in particular – just backs of buildings. The most exciting moment was when we appeared to be heading straight for a line of washing – were we going to hit it – oooohhh!! – no just at the point we thought we might be savaged by laundry it was lifted out of the way. The boats were heaved up to a higher level, and then we entered a cupboard type of thing were there were a lot of pointless flashing lights and a glimpse of a convict – of course wearing pyjamas with arrows on them. The boat then turned so you went down a slope backwards and got splashed at the bottom. Through some more buildings and then past a crude representation of Cooling churchyard and a selection of shop dummies dressed very badly as a selection of random Dickens characters from different books.
Thinking that the excitement couldn’t be surpassed – we queued up for the haunted house. It looked as if it might be good – you walked in on a staircase that shuddered! But after that it rapidly descended – it was a stroll through rooms which had ‘ghosts’ = one with a race through A Christmas Carol – one with another random display of Dickens characters – and the last one with some poor employee wrapped in a cloak who leered at you. I am the chickenest of chickens when it comes to walking through places in the dark – but this was just past boring!
Here is Jill collapsed in terror outside.And here I am driven mad with fright.
We left through the shop – look at how well all the fine literature is selling!