North Downs Way – part one.

Jil, Jake, Karl and I set out on this years project – the North Downs Way. We left the car in Guilford at a small station in the suburbs, so had to change twice to get to Farnham and the start of the walk.
It was a little confusing at Guildford station which platform the train went from, and we couldn’t find anyone to ask, so I pressed the button on the ‘Help’ station, expecting it to go through to an office somewhere – and a very, very loud bell rang out over the whole station. We fell about laughing, but got no answer – luckily Karl had internet connection on his phone and found out which train we should be on. I want one! A phone with internet connection, not a train. Although…

I am sure Farnham is a lovely little town but we didn’t get to see it, as thestart of the walk was at the bottom of a hill just down from the station. Very picturesque!

We bought sandwiches from a petrol station which had put a gate from the walk so they could lure walkers in – good idea.
There is only so much you can say about walking – and we walked!
We saw the following:

A very strange bench – we couldn’t work out what it was meant to be at all – luckily on the back there was a label saying it was a bee orchid.

We watched a lady doing tai chi by a llama – I tried very hard to get a picture but all I managed was some very clear hedging hiding a red and white blob – I will never make a living as a paparazzi.

Here is a picture of Jill letting out an evil ringwraith or similar from the bowels of the earth – we told her not to take the lid off!

We went past mossy banks and through squelchy leaves,and past savage dogs guarding this fantastic house –I took the picture by holding the camera over the 8 foot wall – luckily didn’t get my hand bitten off, the dogs must have been just out of shot of the camera.

Someone had made a house in a tree – complete with little milk bottles left in the garden.

We stopped for a drink at a pub in Puttenham, where I left my walking poles, and meanly sent Jake back for them as he is the one who needs to get the fittest.

Jill had fun playing on a sand heap.
We got into Guildford and had a drink at a pub near to the river before heading home.

Snow party!

I had been invited to a party at My Friend Wendie’s – then forgotten all about it as I am a senile old bat. So I very stupidly put in for overtime – but it was from midnight until 06:00 – so slept most of the day and still went to the party. Of course I couldn’t possibly drink (!) so the sledging was carried out entirely soberly. As the snow was still thick and scary, wonderful work were offering lifts to work in a 4×4 – Wendie and Mike knew the driver so phoned him up and I got door to door service, instead of having to stagger down to the main road.

Morbid Fascination

Picked Jill and Karl up and we went up to the 02 to see Body Worlds– Jill and I had been before when it was shown in London. We booked tickets for the earliest entry and luckily drove into the station car park rather than the 02 one – so only paid £3 for the day rather than the £15 advertised on the 02 website.
It was the first time that we had been to the 02 since 2000 – it is now a glutton’s paradise – a never ending parade of restaurants.
We had got there just at the right time and walked straight into the exhibition – it was practically empty – obviously the morbid do not like getting up early.
The exhibition itself is fascinating, and at times it is easy to forget that the exhibits were once real people. One of the exhibits is disturbing – the one of the pregnant woman – not only because she died in pregnancy – but the pose is almost pornographic.
We left and went for a walk along the Thames path looking for a pub that we went to some years back – long enough ago for me to have forgotten its name. (Yes that could have been yesterday!) Luckily Karl had his trusty mobile magic phone and found out that it was the Pilot and guided us there – I love technology!

We walked past this work of art – and this warning sign which was posted right in front of the river – which I believe has been flooded for the past few centuries.

We heard a lot of shouting coming from the David Beckham academy but don’t think it was David himself, sounded far too manly.

We finally came across the Pilot – it is a lovely pub with its own little row of terraced houses – a little bit of sanity left in a sea of modern buildings.
Had a pint and then decided to go back to the gluttons parade to eat – and ended up at Las Iguanas – very good but a bit expensive for what it was.

Few pictures from the walk back.
View of Docklands.
More art.
and, finally – a baby fountain.