This is the view outside the hotel window……
…. and this is the view inside the hotel window. Of course, this is not a beercan in my husbands hand at 0930 in the morning.
We drove out to Waterloo – where the battle was.
A fine symbol of victory! We were too tight to pay to go into the exhibition – so am still not sure who won.
The plains of Waterloo – fancy fighting through that heavy clay.
We walked the battlefield looking for clues of the conflict – the odd skeletal hand sticking out of the mud – but only found .. ……….. a Napoleonic clothes peg….
…..the remains of a bivouac…
…and the tangled remnants of a pair of soldiers braces. So sad.
It is very flat.
Except for the big – (what is the feminine of phallic?) lump in the background – and the heap of stuff I am standing next to. We found a road with a sign pointing to a Prussian monument – but didn’t say how far it was. It was a long way.
Not sure if it was worth the walk. We took the circuitous route back – which would have been fine except that I was dying to go to the loo.
Woman in dire need walking very fast – every time there was a nook or cranny there was a bloody person on a horse – and the other side of those trees was a large featureless plain.
Eventually found a copse! We drove on to Ypres and spent ages looking for somewhere to eat – eventually finding a cafe in the square.

Went to the Menin Gate. So sad – too touching for words.


We got up to a beautiful morning and set out for Brussels. The hotel was sited on a very busy square – full of traffic, and just near a main road with a tramway down the middle. Yet just on the other side of the square was this peaceful spot with a lane which must have been there for centuries.

The lane brought us out into an area of lottery win houses, and then onto a huge park.

We didn’t see any cavaliers, much to my disappointment.

Phil has wanted to go to this restaurant for a year now – hence the big grin!

Looks like a bowl of vomit – but tasted gorgeous.

Orange shoes Jill?
Guess someone wouldn’t sell!

Traditional Belgian didgeridoo.

Happy tourists – and happy bunnies!

I have never heard of meat sushi!
This is the sad sight of one of our favourite restaurants shut down – it was the one with the Hungarian musicians who serenaded the customers.
If anyone wins the lottery – then please buy the entire contents of the above shop – as all I would ever be able to afford would probably be one earring – and even then I wouldn’t be able to choose which design!
Elegant chocolate rabbits.
We then went to sit down in the Grand Place – still as beautiful as ever – and as expensive.

Phil had a plate of black and white pudding – unsure if this was a good idea. After tasting it neither was he.

I insisted on going to see the Mannekin Pis – although Phil had to be dragged there kicking and screaming.

I want a naked floozy! I want an upside down cow teapot! I want – I want – I want never gets.

Look at his little pot belly. Remind you of anyone?

Golden evenings – and mad Belgian artwork.

Well obviously – this isn’t mad Belgian artwork – this is how I would like to see myself in the future – slim and elegant.
We stopped for a drink in a small bar before we started eating again –

It was lovely.
Didn’t leave us enough room to eat at La Fringale though – so don’t know if my sexy waiter was still there.
One final ‘I want’ before the long, long, walk back to the hotel.

Last day – off to Brussels.

Here are my lovely slippers!!!!
Phil cycled off to Neumagen, while I had a last walk (hopefully just for this holiday) down to the edge of the Vineyards.
Got a little bit worried at one point as two dogs – huge dogs with slavering jaws and sharp teeth – bounded up barking – with no owner in sight. I tried bravely to ignore them, all the while imagining that only my bones would be found in the undergrowth. Luckily they were distracted by a small child or rabbit or something.
Last view of the deer – then drove to Neumagen. Parked up under a parking sign which I hoped I understood to mean free parking.

Carving of what Phil would like his home life to be like.
I had to wait a while for Phil to turn up – I ‘think’ I was glad to see him!
We spent a while looking for this arch before realising it was a computer reconstruction – damn newfangled ideas.
There were a couple of doors with these chalk messages on them – any ideas? We drove off after a quick wander – to drive down the Moselle valley before heading for Brussels.

Drove through some lovely little villages.

We stopped in a town for a drink and have totally forgotten what it was called!

Bliss – beer and a cat. The cat was seriously friendly – but its fur was matted together – it looked really neglected.
I like the tiles!
By the time we got to Brussels it was dark and, despite Phil arguing every turn with the Satnav,without it we would have taken much longer – especially as I cannot mapread if I am moving over 2 mph.
We were staying at a Great Western – even further on the outskirts of Brussels than we have stayed before. The first room we were given stank of smoke, so went down and asked for another, but they said they were full up apart from a suite. They offered it us for extra – which we took. Still not superwhizz, but not bad. Had a drink in the bar and finished the food we had brought from Germany, ready for a gastronomic tour of Brussels the next day!

Guess who did all the driving – bless.