The Day After

We left the travelodge and walked up to St Pancras intending to have breakfast at Carluccios – but when we sat down and read the menu, the lunch menu looked really good, so we gathered everything up and sneaked off again – well we would have sneaked off if I hadn’t left the A – Z on the table and a waitress had to run after us.
We decided to walk up to Camden Town and then around the canal back to st Pancras – started off past this brick wall. I love old bricks -possibly because I am either as thick as a .. – or I am an old brick.Have posted so many photos of Mornington Crescent (well at least one) so suffice it to say that we walked past and up to Camden Town station. Camden was heaving with people – there was some sort of pub crawl going on sponsored by red bull – so obviously not an alcoholic crawl and not suited to us – appeared to consist mainly of hordes of giggling teenage girls.
We escaped onto the canal after getting a little lost and taking a while to find the way down to the towpath. This is what our wisteria will look like one day!

This is the tiniest security guard I have ever seen – you could have put him in your pocket. Possibly a good thing that he was only protecting his pub against the hordes of gigglers.
As we walked past this barge – a woman was leaning out of a window and screaming at another barge heading towards a lock. She was trying to protect the nest from being mowed down by amateur boatmen – as the nest was right in the path of boats heading to the lock I am not sure how long it was going to last.

10 minutes from Kings Cross!
My Uncle and Aunt had been down to London a couple of weeks earlier and recommended the Kings Place, so we went to have a look. A very modern building – with a huge dancing bear – bet that one cost a bit more than the ones in Quebec! Wouldn’t quite fit on the mantel piece though!
We went for a drink in the bar – this is Phil’s white face after he paid the astronomic prices! It was very peaceful (possibly the same reason) with some great jazz playing and a view over the canal.
Headed on back to St Pancras and Carluccios past this fantastic mural, and the gargoyles at the station.

Then walked back to get the train home, past this tin man and stopping for a drink near St Pauls.

Think this is my favourite Photo of Phil!

My Birthday

It is My Birthday and today I have reached further into my prime and am now mumblety-five! And – and – trumpet fanfare – DR FEELGOOD – possibly my alltime favourite live band had agreed to play at the 100 club in my honour. They possibly hadn’t realised that, but they were playing nonetheless. (is that meant to be one word – or three?)
We arrived in London at Cannon Street and wandered through the city looking for somewhere to eat – the usual tug between my plebian love of Burger King and Phil’s highbrow oyster passion.
Got a leeetle bit lost and ended up in a lovely garden with a seating area in front of a wall – which was covered in these plaques.

I was only going to post one or two – but ended up showing them all because they are so touching – and beautiful!
We had Pie for dinner in a pub near Smithfield market, people watching as there were large crowds outside in the sun. We wandered on to book in at the hotel, walking past this building – wonder how long it will be before it is either pulled down or changed into a trendy eating place.
Got changed – and walked up to the 100 club – we saw these in a shop window – but unfortunately the shop was shut!
The Feelgoods were amazing – had a great time and a good bop – and birthday kisses from the bass guitarist and the lead singer at the end!