I am drowning in redcurrants. If I never saw another redcurrant I would be very happy! We – well Phil did the work mine was the inspiration – made a fruitcage over the most prolific bushes this year, and it certainly meant that the damn things didn’t get out. I have made jelly, and syrup, and icecream. But the BEST THING EVER – is redcurrant sponge cake – a bit like blueberry muffins – but the currants are more tart. Now I have discovered that I suppose I shall have to go on picking them!

Recipe for redcurrant sponge
Weigh 6 eggs and use the same weight in SR flour, butter and sugar. Teaspoon of Baking powder.
Put butter and sugar into mixer and mix, add eggs and whack together for a while.
Fold in flour,
Add redcurrants – I put them in from frozen which makes the cake mix very stodgy but means that the redcurrants stay whole. Put in as many as you like! (within reason!)
This amount fills two 8″ square cake tins
Bake at gas 6 for as long as it takes – I think about half an hour but hey – sometimes they are squidgy and sometimes crispy – I can never get my head around baking times.