Do you really need that much?

Jake took Dan down to Maidstone station this morning to catch the train(s) for Sidmouth – a complicated journey which involved about 15 changes.
About two minutes after Jake got back the phone rang. ‘I missed the train, and if I don’t catch up with it then all my other 14 carefully arranged connecting journeys will all fall through’
‘Tough’ said Jake.
‘Tough’ said Phil.

So of course the doting and ill mother dragged her aching bones out of bed, got in the car, which of course had no petrol, so after collecting Dan and his entire bedroom-in-bags, had to stop at a petrol station (yes all you commuters, that dishevelled harridan was me) and then whack up the motorway at .999999 mph under the speed limit (honest guv) to deposit Dan and his entire bedroom-in-bags at Gravesend. Where, luckily, he caught a train which connected with the twenty thousand other connections.

He had better look after me in my old age.
And then the rain came –
Sound in our bedroom.
Finally – two cats finding refuge in the detritus that is our home.

Love is..

My dear husband has just brought me dinner in bed (again – love him – I am poorly sick) Up four storeys from the kitchen to the attic. Then, just as I had put the first mouthful in – he ran back saying ‘don’t eat it – you haven’t eaten any of it – have you?’ and ran in and put on top two nasturtium flowers and some parsley.
No idea where the camera is – damn!

The day after..

I was brought breakfast in bed again (sometimes this ill lark is good) and then told that it Would Be Good For Me to have a little walk before the long drive home.
So we went into York and had a wander. Had a sit down in this church – which still has the old box pews. While we were there a guided tour came in, so we were able to listen to the spiel for free! There was a small display of ‘art’ in one of the side aisles – I have not seen such amateurish rubbish for sale for a long time and was just about to take a picture of the true awefullness of it – but caught the eye of the chap guarding the church and immediately felt guilty. So I am afraid I can only have pictures of the box pews and the prayers painted above the alter.

Outside were these fantastic black hollyhocks – brilliant choice for a graveyard!
For those of you who can’t quite see it – this inscription reads :- ‘Go home dear wife and shed no tears, I must lie here til Christ appears, and at his coming hope to have, a joyful rising from the grave.’ I always enjoy hopeful rhyming – do you pronounce this ‘hayve and grave’ or have and grav’?
A bit further on a silver band was playing – it had just started absolutely hacking it down with rain – and they were playing one of the best versions of ‘singing in the rain’ I have heard!
We looked for somewhere to eat – Bettys had huge queues and these imaginative cakes in the window, so carried on…. …under these jolly carvings …

until we got to the Loch Fyne restaurant and stopped there. It was gooooood.
We started off back to the car after dinner – and bumped into The Boy and Tracey, so went for a pint with them – but by then was absolutely brain dead – so possibly made even less sense than I normally do! Slept most of the way home.

Colin and Tamsyn.

Phil brought me breakfast in bed from the buffet, then we made our way to a pub where we were meeting friends to go to the wedding. Possibly should have had bile beans for breakfast!
None of us dared choose the guest meat – just in case it was one of last nights regulars.
Here is the boy, practising his best man’s speech.

For a few minutes it looked as if Colin was about to marry Paul

Tamsyn looked gorgeous – as Phil said – it was worth the trip just to see the looks on their faces.
Only picture of the bridesmaids I got – they seemed to disappear. Maybe they were hired for the hour.
Frank Sinatra was serenading the guests.

Er, sorry, Phil – your mine!

This little boy was sat behind us in the ceremony – he was so cute!

Steve and Sharon.

For some reason, the singer had this as his props table – didn’t see him put the bra on though. (Isn’t bra a horrible word?)

One of the guests asked Phil to put her hat on to prove that if you tilted your head back when drinking it fell off – it didn’t.

Tamsyn watching her brother give a speech.

Long stream of consciousness from Paul. I think he knew what he meant.
Walked out through the museum gardens in the dark – then sat on a bench and waited for Phil to get the car.