Walk from Great Chart

Jake and I went for a walk around Great Chart. It was good! Not going to label everything and count every step – but here are the pictures.

There wasn’t.
Unless he was hiding behind a tree!
Little houses – on a hillside – little houses made of tickytacky – hands up those who remember the song?
Wonderfully square cow -like an eighteenth century painting.

Jake told me how he was traumatised by hooden horses when he was a child – what a bad parent I have been!

rolls royce of rucksacks

Jake and I went up to London – we were planning on going to the Zoo – but by the time we had got outselves organised it was quite late. We decided to drive to Sevenoaks as the trains go straight to Charing Cross and the tickets are much cheaper – only to find that the damned Sevenoaks council had re-arranged the parking arrangements and the nice convenient little side street that we used to park on had now got an hours parking restriction on it – slap bang in the middle of the day. We drove around and every street had the same hours parking restriction – just at different times of the day. Good thinking by some employee – how to stop people travelling by train! We finally managed to find a street about 20 minutes walk away – and then got a bit lost finding the station. Still, we eventually got to London and spent an enjoyable hour or so spending Jakes money in Outdoor shops – including a fantastic Osprey rucksack which had to be baked onto his hips.
By the time we had finished there was no time for the zoo – we walked through Covent Garden and saw this Big Issue seller with cat instead of dog!We walked up to the British Museum and there is a new rule that you can’t take luggage larger than a small matchbox inside – so I sat outside and knat while Jake went in and had a look around. We then walked up to the canal to meet up with Phil after he had finished his bicycle repair man course.

This is two sides of the same building – bit of heavy restoration there!
Had a drink in a pub whose name I cannot remember, then started to walk back to the station, isn’t this a fantastic address to live at?

We stopped at the Fullers pub in Smithfield for a late dinner –

Jake had proper bangers and mash,

and Phil and I had a selection of pies – which didn’t quite match the list on the menu – but they were very good.
It was a lovely walk back through the city – past El Vinos
and, of course – St Pauls.

Lord of the Dance (though we were walking)

Jill, Jake, Karl and I went to watch Dan dance in Wye (while writing this I totally forgot where he had been dancing – so just said to Dan -‘where did you dance when we came to see you?’ He answered ‘Wye’ I said – ‘because I am writing my blog’ – he thought I was joking – unfortunately I am just senile.)
We left him prancing about and drove to Chilham – no puns there, intended or otherwise.
We stopped for a drink and then set out past the church, leaving the car in Chilham square to be picked up by Dan later, so that he could meet us in Canterbury. We were walking another part of the North Downs Way – but out of sync.
The first part of the walk was mainly on road and confused me a bit as we appeared to be heading away from Canterbury. My sense of direction is atrocious.
British Summer – it is carnival time!
Eventually we turned off into the woods – which opened out into this wonderful view of the downs.

Stopped for lunch and a little light taunting.

And Jill offered me a nut – in a way I could not refuse.
Loads of apples waiting to be picked – and the caravans that the poor pickers live in – looks like a slum.

Best of British.
This is a very blurred picture of a spider which appeared to be floating in mid air – there must have been a web somewhere – but we couldn’t find it.
Spoor of a Polish Picker.
We somehow managed to find ourselves in a pub?!
Karl being attacked by a large snake …
and vanquishing it!
Reak wildlife.
First sight of Canterbury Cathedral glowing in the distance – we rang Dan to meet us and we went onto the Parrot – with thoughts of Pie running through my head!
Lots of depressed faces when we discovered that they had changed the menu to schmantsy pantsy newfangled crap like trout and pork belly.
Karl and I had trout –
Bangers (wild boar -natch) on burnt bubble and squeak. Note red onion marmalade – it was noted and removed.
Shared a pudding which was good ..
..and at least the staff were still brilliant – Jill wanted double cream on her strawberries and was told they only had single – but either someone spent a lot of time whipping or nipped next door to borrow some – as out came strawberries and double cream!
Below – waitress of the Year!