The Boys are Back in Town!!

We set out on Friday to go up to Ely, for the triumphant return of the Seven Champions. As usual we dithered around most of the day and left far later than we intended – but too early to arrive at Neil and Sarah’s house. We hit the M25 at just the wrong time on a Friday – so escaped to the back roads of Essex, which was interesting in the dark, without a map, and with a husband who has as much faith in a satnav as Liz Taylor is in a 25th wedding anniversary. We stopped for a drink in Bury St Edmunds – although it did take a while to find a pub. Phil knew that there was (one of the) smallest pubs in Britain there – the Nutshell but it had burst its seams already with about 20 youths hanging around outside – so we found somewhere in the backstreets.
We were staying with Neil and Sarah who live in Ely – according to them – but the satnav believed they live in a parallel universe and couldn’t find their address. Luckily it got us close enough so that Neil could run into the road waving and pointing, and we had a lovely evening. (Well Sarah and I did, as Neil and Phil went down to the pub!)
In the morning we all set off to watch the dancing.
The above motley crew are slightly disturbing – as as well as the men dressed as women – they also have women dressed as men dressed as women.
And a wonderful view of the backsides of the Seven Champions!
I have been trying to upload the video of Champs dancing but cannot – so hopefully here is the link to Youtube
Both Phil and Dan are dancing – you will have to pick them out!
I ran away after the first set, and went to Tesco to buy Cheesecake (Sarah and I had discovered a shared and guilty pleasure in Tesco value cheesecake)and then drove into Cambridge, where I spent a self indulgent couple of hours wandering around doing nothing in particular.
Arrived back at Neil and Sarah’s house – this is Grace their daughter. She is gorgeous! She was supposed to be going for a sleepover at a friends house – but was so enamoured of our company that she changed her mind. (I think that was the reason..) So we repeated the night before, and Neil and Phil went off to the pub, and Sarah and I had another good night in drinking!
Grace borrowed the camera for a while.

Neil is an artist – this is his art gallery!