May 2010 098

We checked out of the hotel – me with the hangover from hell. Although how that happened on one small glass of wine I really can’t tell! We walked through the European parliament area – and appreciated the statues that our taxes have paid for.

May 2010 099

May 2010 100

I love this one.

May 2010 101

Glimpse of old Brussels through the skyscrapers.

May 2010 102

Glimpse of woman trying not to be sick.

May 2010 106

Older statues, and then into the magnificent Parc du cinquantaire..

May 2010 113

May 2010 115

They were setting up for the Brussels marathon – but my man beat them all.

May 2010 119

May 2010 124

I sat in the park for a while – looking much like the woman above – and then we went and bought some stodge and juice for medicinal purposes. Very nice it was too.

We walked back into the centre – stopping for a drink outside a cafe – the first one we sat outside was in the full blast of the sun – so we walked round the corner and found a shady street where I had milkshake and icecream (still working on the hangover) We watched small boys mending a cycle very expertly.

May 2010 127

I love Brussels – a really dowdy shop – but with gorgeous tiles above the windows.

These gentlemen have replaced the birds nest on the boulevard de waterloo.

May 2010 129

Down through the park with Pan,

May 2010 135

Past a rather thuggish cherub

May 2010 140

May 2010 144

and through the Botanic gardens – where we saw a rowdy wedding party driving by.

May 2010 145

We arrived at the Crowne Plaza – nice room but not a patch on the one we had last time we stayed there. Still, as it was on points and we hadn’t paid a penny couldn’t really grumble.

May 2010 147

And they had left drugs on the pillow.

May 2010 149

We went out to buy Drink and other provisions – and were met with a crowd demonstrating their joy at our visit.

May 2010 153

Phil striding through the beautiful foyer. We had a drink and something to eat – then set out again for St Catherines Square – where there was dancing in a big tent!

May 2010 156

There was lindy hop – we had an attempt – but didn’t last long against the experts. Who included the lady (?) almost wearing the blue swimming costume masquerading as a dress. (Miaow)

May 2010 160

This girl had a huge amount of fun.

After the lindy hop a couple came out to teach jive – they were fast. We did try – but very difficult in a crowded tent in a foreign language.

May 2010 165

We went out and had a drink of palm d’or in the square – I was upset because my favourite waiter must have got a proper job.

May 2010 170

May 2010 173

We walked back to the hotel

May 2010 174

Did a bit of tidying up on the way!

May 2010 175May 2010 176May 2010 177

May 2010 179

Elegance in a box.

May 2010 181

The trad jazz men were there again – and we managed to get a table.

May 2010 184May 2010 185

We drank leffe – not funny drinks – however much cannabis they put in them. Although the glasses they served the drinks in made you believe that you might have had a bit too much!

To Brussels.

May 2010 002

Good view of Charles’ horse on the way out.

May 2010 003May 2010 004

Luckily we were going in the right direction

May 2010 005

Into Belgium – for some strange reason they call it Belgie. There’s foreigners for you.

May 2010 007

Who could resist Plopsaland?

May 2010 009

Well, every year we drive past the picturesque Belgian roundabout,

May 2010 011

down the picturesque Belgian street,

May 2010 013

And buy diesel opposite the picturesque restaurant, but we have never yet visited Plopsaland. One day.

May 2010 014

The gnome waving us goodbye, we drove straight on to Brussels, and parked the car in a side street on the outskirts of the town. It was quite a hike in.

May 2010 016

The temptation to call this picture ‘Two arses’ is almost irresistable –but I will resist. This is my beloved husband and a horses bottom.

May 2010 020

Parking for the cult – wonder which one?

May 2010 024

Wonder if they thought Fred was a exotic, arty name? Also wonder if he does tripe installations?

May 2010 027

Bliss. Grimbergen, brune et blonde.

May 2010 028

Man – find hotel!

May 2010 029

Hotel found!

May 2010 031

Architecture – old and new. The new – above – is just behind the hotel.

May 2010 034

The old – Place Royale.

May 2010 037

Modern art – I like this one – near to the Old England building, and overlooking the steps down to these gardens, with the view over Mont de Coeur – or Mont des Artes – or somewhere = Phil is sitting next to me with a map book and can’t quite make his mind up.

May 2010 041

May 2010 042

Don’t jump! Above the Gare Centrale.

May 2010 043

Very beautiful – apart from the fag ends sprinkled around.

May 2010 045

One day I will pleach him into a row of trees.

May 2010 046

A dawg of indiscriminate variety.

May 2010 047

Very clever water – just scraping over the concrete humps. Boulevard de l’Imperatrice. If I ever have another daughter I will call her Imperatrice.

Then to one of our favourite restaurants – le Vieux Bruxelles. (trying to sound as if our other favourite restaurants aren’t all in Disneyland)

May 2010 048

May 2010 049

I had MEAT.

May 2010 050

Phil looking as if he isn’t quite sure what he ordered. He says it was waterzoi – none the wiser.

May 2010 052

Chocolate mousse. Of the best, most delicious, dark, velvety richness.

May 2010 053


May 2010 055

View of the Grande Place from a bar.

May 2010 056

View of a beermat in the bar.

May 2010 059

View of a woman proving why I usually hold the camera.

May 2010 066

Rooftops around the Grande Place (Phil is just looking at the map to see which side – it was the North)

May 2010 073

Lots of excited people jigging around to the Pease Project. They took ages to warm up – but eventually they swung into awesome averageness.

May 2010 068

The jigging around and the encore shouting was great fun, though.

May 2010 079


May 2010 082

Walking home through the dark streets

May 2010 090

Tram lines stretching into the night.

May 2010 094

May 2010 096

May 2010 095

Some magnificent building lit up – probably the Palais Royale but I was rather drunk by now and quite possibly seeing two of it.

Flying home.

May 2010 001

We finally threw away the faithful orange juice bottle,

May 2010 003

and Phil reluctantly took the keys back.

May 2010 004

This park was right next to the apartment – evidently it is totally made out of chocolate. Or what passes for chocolate in the States.

May 2010 011

Pretty bridges!

May 2010 015

Oh – look – a battlefield – what a good place for a campsite.

May 2010 016

We drove a short distance into the Gettysburg battlefield – just far enough to be tantalised – but Phil was getting a bit worried about catching the plane- so we extricated ourselves from the one way drive round by a nifty 3 point turn back onto the road, after taking these pictures. Made use of the loo in the visitor centre but was dragged away from the bookshop! Probably a good thing!

May 2010 019

10th Massachusetts memorial.

May 2010 021

May 2010 022

May 2010 026

May 2010 027

May 2010 028

May 2010 029

Last glimpses of small town America on this trip.

May 2010 031

May 2010 032

May 2010 033

and the last traffic jam – but we got there in time and said the second sad farewell of the day. this time to our lovely little red car – and I didn’t get a farewell photo!

May 2010 034

Baltimore airport is quiet –meaning that there wasn’t a great choice for anywhere to sit and wait – but we had a drink before we went airside – and then a very expensive snack before we flew.

May 2010 035

May 2010 039

May 2010 041

May 2010 042

May 2010 049

May 2010 051

May 2010 065

We meant to go for a bike ride…

…but after slogging around Williamsburg and finding that the friendly bike hire shop from our last visit had moved out of town, the next nearest was closed, and the bike hire at the very posh beauty salon cost very posh beauty salon prices – we decided to lounge next to the pool.

May 2010 087

May 2010 089

May 2010 088

May 2010 092

May 2010 093

Boredom rapidly set in, and we drove down to Yorktown.

May 2010 098

May 2010 102

Where we spent a beautiful late afternoon looking at houses we would like to live in.

May 2010 107

May 2010 110

May 2010 111

May 2010 112

May 2010 119

May 2010 129

May 2010 130

May 2010 140

May 2010 145

May 2010 134

May 2010 158

May 2010 159

May 2010 174

May 2010 176