Up in the sky in the Eye.

January 2011 039January 2011 040

Views from the Travelodge window – see the Shard? There will be many more photos of the Shard.

January 2011 041

We walked through Covent Garden passing a bridge, which looked as if it might twist or bounce down to the pavement if you stepped in it.

January 2011 042

A plaque for my cousin! I have googled ‘the sara sara’ and have had no luck finding out what it was for.

Phil bought some walking boots in one of the outdoor shops and we carried on down to the Embankment.

January 2011 043

January 2011 045

Where there is the memorial to the Imperial Camel Corps of the First World War.

Back over the Hungerford Foot Bridge – and wonderful views down the Thames.

January 2011 046

January 2011 047

Elvis is alive! And three feet taller! And on his mobile!!

We got on to the Eye after I lied to the security man about not having sharp things in my bag. Who would tell!!

January 2011 048

Going up! Lots of photos to follow – can’t be bothered to caption them.

January 2011 049

January 2011 050

January 2011 054

January 2011 056

January 2011 057

January 2011 060

January 2011 062

January 2011 065

The Shard!

January 2011 066

January 2011 072

January 2011 073

January 2011 076

January 2011 078

January 2011 079

January 2011 080

January 2011 082

The Shard! And my husband dicing with death!

January 2011 085

We met a couple from Australia who took our picture.

January 2011 087

Did I really go up there?

January 2011 088

Someone decided that it would be a good idea to walk back to Blackheath along the Thames Path. Could have been me…

January 2011 089

January 2011 092

Won’t be eating here.

January 2011 097

Hopton’s almshouses – dwarfed by the skyscrapers.

January 2011 098

St Pauls – obscured by monstrous carbuncles.

January 2011 099

January 2011 100

We went into Tate Modern to sneer at the artists – and found gold in this sunflower seeds exhibit.

The curator describes it as:

“Ai Weiwei’s Unilever Series commission, Sunflower Seeds, is a beautiful, poignant and thought-provoking sculpture. The thinking behind the work lies in far more than just the idea of walking on it. The precious nature of the material, the effort of production and the narrative and personal content create a powerful commentary on the human condition. Sunflower Seeds is a vast sculpture that visitors can contemplate at close range on Level 1 or look upon from the Turbine Hall bridge above. Each piece is a part of the whole, a commentary on the relationship between the individual and the masses. The work continues to pose challenging questions: What does it mean to be an individual in today’s society? Are we insignificant or powerless unless we act together? What do our increasing desires, materialism and number mean for society, the environment and the future?”

As you can see from above – it looks like a bit of tarmac.

We carried on.

January 2011 101

Past the Globe.

January 2011 103

Into the Anchor at Bankside – where I had a pint of Leffe and we shared a plate of pie, sausage and mash. Bliss.

January 2011 102

So hard to choose pictures – just going to post the lot. I love the Southbank.

January 2011 104

January 2011 105

January 2011 106

January 2011 107

January 2011 109

Oh, look – the Shard again.

January 2011 110

January 2011 111

January 2011 114

January 2011 115

January 2011 120

January 2011 122

January 2011 126

January 2011 129

January 2011 130

January 2011 131

January 2011 133

January 2011 138

January 2011 143

January 2011 146

January 2011 148

Look – Shard!

January 2011 151

January 2011 152

January 2011 153

January 2011 154

January 2011 158

January 2011 150

January 2011 159

January 2011 161

January 2011 163

January 2011 167

January 2011 168

January 2011 169

In the middle of all this beauty – came Rotherhithe – with hoodies who I didn’t dare take photos of, and the picturesque Deptford car breakers,

January 2011 170

By now we were tired. It was a lot further than I had thought!

January 2011 171

January 2011 176

We staggered through Greenwich, past the Queens House – and into sight of the Dome. Found the Trafalgar pub and collapsed!

January 2011 178

January 2011 180

January 2011 182

There was still another mile or two to walk back to the car – a jealousy inducing walk past lots of houses I would buy come the lottery win.

January 2011 183

January 2011 185

Meridian line.

January 2011 186

Jersey Boys

Spent Saturday night at my best friends because I had drunk too much to drive home – but left early in the morning hoping to get an early start to drive up to London. Finally managed to prise Phil out of bed at 11 so we didn’t set out until after 12. Drove up to Blackheath and parked in a side street – then walked over to the heath. How about living in one of these houses!

January 2011 013

Got a train up to Charing Cross – and into a back street pub with lovely tiles. (And lovely beer..) January 2011 015

We thought we had left in plenty of time to get to the theatre. This is the theatre where one of my best friends used to work in, where I used to spend a lot of evenings in the pub opposite – so you would have thought I would be able to walk straight there – wrong! So we ended up running up Old Compton Street at the last minute and having to push past everyone in the row of seats.

Jersey Boys was great fun – well, the songs and dancing were – although the story line was a bit ‘rushed’.

January 2011 017

Walking over to the Travelodge we passed Foyles book shop – why it has an arm with a big hammer on the wall outside I have no idea.

January 2011 018

St Giles in the Fields – no longer in the fields!

January 2011 020

Glimpse through the window – contrast the beauty within, with the ‘artworks’ opposite.

January 2011 021January 2011 022

Got to the Travelodge – where you now have to use an automated booking in machine, despite there being two nice ladies hovering around the check in counter.Went up to the second floor and opened the door – to find a small cubicle with a single bed. I know that the booking at Travelodge always defaults to one person – so up until now have managed always to change to a double. As the rooms cost the same in any case I had no idea that they actually had single rooms. The lady at the counter changed us to a double (this time) and I resisted the temptation to tell her that I had booked a single but that I’d got lucky.

January 2011 023

We had vouchers for Livebait –I had crab cakes (not as good as in America) and mushroom risotto, Phil had roast cod and we shared spinach which cost FOUR POUNDS FIFTY PENCE!!! Good Lord, grows almost wild on the allotment. Still, it was really good.

January 2011 024

After we walked down to the river and over Hungerford foot bridge.

January 2011 026

January 2011 027

January 2011 035

Had a wander along the South Bank and in the book shop at the Queen Elizabeth Halls, and then back to the Travelodge,

January 2011 037

Past a huge flag,

January 2011 038

and a window display from hell.

Robins Hood Bay

January 2011 133

Jill and Karl left quite early, but Phil and I decided to stay Friday night and drive down on Saturday so I could go straight to work on Saturday night. (Sensible!?)

We drove down to Robins Hood Bay to do a circular walk from the Cleveland Way. We marvelled over this wonderful sculpture!

January 2011 135

Laughed at this humorous sign! (They were shut)

January 2011 136

And wandered through the quaint streets.

January 2011 140

January 2011 144

Then it was off to the mud.

January 2011 146

January 2011 149

and the erosion…

January 2011 154

And all the ups and downs.

January 2011 157

January 2011 162

January 2011 163

January 2011 164

January 2011 165

We went down to the beach and looked for jet – Phil prised out a huge rock which he thought looked right – and insisted on carrying it for the rest of the walk. I will look forward to my jet earrings and pendant!

January 2011 168

January 2011 170

January 2011 172

Bits of unlabelled archeology – wonder what these humps and bumps were?

January 2011 174

This pill box was starting to look a bit unsecure.

January 2011 178

January 2011 180

Which way is it? Note the rock in the bag.

January 2011 184

January 2011 191

January 2011 192

The path along the cliff edge was extremely muddy – so it was a relief to get on the railway path back to Robins Hood Bay.

January 2011 194

January 2011 197

Looking back the clouds looked really threatening but the rain held off

January 2011 198

January 2011 199

January 2011 201

January 2011 202

January 2011 206

January 2011 209

Was absolutely worn out by the time we got back to the car – but it was a fantastic walk. We had fish ad chips for dinner, good day.


When I suggested going to Whitby, I was thinking of a gentle stroll around the town – but it was a beautiful day – and Phil parked the car in Sandsend and we walked along the beach to Whitby.

January 2011 051

January 2011 057

January 2011 062

January 2011 068

Erosion in action!

January 2011 070

January 2011 071

January 2011 073

When we got to the town we climbed up to the top to the Whale’s jaw bone

January 2011 075

January 2011 077

With Captain Cook overlooking the harbour.

January 2011 079

Phil found a bike shop, and I found some charity shops, and then we went to the museum hoping to find out what jet looked like in it’s natural state – so that we could pick some up on the beach and Phil could carve me some beautiful jewellery. Unfortunately it would have cost £4 each to get in, so we made do with looking at the free art gallery, and my jewellery will have to wait.

January 2011 087

We walked back into town through the park, and into the run down High Street – look what they have done to the Post Office!

January 2011 088

The sun was just starting to go down as we crossed the swing bridge across the Eske – lighting the buildings in gold.

January 2011 089

We walked through the small streets and window shopped – £250 for sand dollars set in concrete!!

January 2011 092

We watched a fishing boat come in – and then found a great little pub with a friendly barman who told us all his future plans and about his past holidays.

January 2011 094

January 2011 095

Then I found a yarn shop – so Phil had to go up the 99 steps on his own. Shame.

January 2011 097

January 2011 102

January 2011 103

January 2011 105

January 2011 115

January 2011 117

January 2011 121

January 2011 122

January 2011 124

This was the shop I took refuge in – and added some gansey wool to the stash of yarn waiting to be knitted.

January 2011 125

No comment!

January 2011 126

It was a bit dark – and we still had to walk back to Sandsend!

January 2011 127

We had wondered earlier why the parade of buildings had stopped abruptly and thought it might have been bomb damage – the curator at the museum told us it was because the architect had run out of money.

We walked down a very, very dark footpath which threw us out on the main road – well, luckily onto the pavement beside the main road- to walk back down to the car.

January 2011 130