Cycling and dancing

Jill came over and we cycled to Frittenden – no pictures – we were too busy pedalling! Good route out of Maidstone – and mostly down hill- some of it Very Down hill. March 2011 045
Once there we watched Champs dance for a while – then I bamboozled her into going to a stepdance class – although she escaped halfway through to go and meet Karl.
Stepdance was fun – although my feet must have grown since I last wore my tap shoes!
I met Phil back at the Bell and Jorrocks – and we cycled back to Marden where he had left the car.March 2011 046
Lots more baby sheep – and just in time as the sun was low in the sky.
March 2011 047
March 2011 048
On the way home in the car – the sun was big and red – fed up with me trying to get a photograph on the move March 2011 053
Phil kept stopping at gaps in hedges – but nowhere really coincided with a full view!
March 2011 051
March 2011 052