Highgate Cemetery

Rick and Phil went to some manly ACWS conference, so Mary and I set off to go to Highgate cemetery. We had a good wander around the graveyard, although the woman at the entrance was possibly one of the most miserable I have met! On the way out it was someone else who was very helpful and pointed Mary in the way of a civil war grave – so we went back in. Had lunch at the Gatehouse, then drove to Camden market, but there was nowhere to park, so we went home via Bluewater. We had been discussing what to have for dinner, and then Mary made a remark about wanting lampshades – so I took her to the lighting department in John Lewis – where she looked at me rather oddly – appears she had said Lamb shanks!

Dover and Canterbury

After a little bit of an argy bargy at the car hire place, Rick picked up a black car and Rick, Mary and I set out for Dover Castle. Totally forgot it was half term week – and the place was heaving. They have also changed the queuing system for the underground tunnels  – so we had to wait for about an hour to get in. Luckily they thought it was worth it (either that or they were being polite!) but I wasn’t so sure – maybe because I have been down so many times before.  We just had time to look around the keep before we were thrown out.
October 2011 039
October 2011 040
Phil and Dan had driven down and met us at the top of Castle Hill, and we went up to Canterbury for a drink and wander around the town.  Went into the Parrot and had the best chips ever, then on to James’ new shop, Wild Ferment, obviously had to buy a couple of bottles!
It was too late to go into the cathedral – but at least we could walk around the precincts without paying.
October 2011 041

Rick and Mary arrive–hooray!

Might have been better if we had been there to greet them as they stepped off the plane – but some idiot didn’t set the alarm properly – and we woke up half an hour before the plane was due to land. So much swearing and a fraught trip around the M25 to Gatwick – luckily by the time they had got through customs etc we were only about 15 minutes late.
We went down to Brighton and went around the museum. Mary and I saw a suit we would love to wear –
 October 2011 035
and one I shall not be knitting.
October 2011 036
October 2011 037
Fell in love with another man from the past – then went and had  breakfast in a tiny cafe.
Decided against going into the Pavilion because of jet lag – but had a wander around the Lanes, and I also fell in love with sparkly ruby rings. Although at around £2000 I doubt very much I will be getting one!
 October 2011 038