Ice dance

After working all night I got about 4 hours sleep and then packed for our trip North to see the European Ice Skating Championships. We had intended to leave early and go walking – but by the time we had packed the car it was our usual late start. Spent the first night in Chesterfield Travelodge – had to drive around Chesterfield ringroad  to get to the Travelodge, so only caught a glimpse of the crooked spire – and it certainly is crooked!
We had the first of many Burger Kings and a drink, then Phil had a walk around and I did Nothing!
Next morning we had a look around the cycle shop opposite – and then drove up to Sheffield, only making one minor detour due to misreading of the satnav.
We got to the stadium just in time to see the beginning of the mens solo ice dance – and I recognised Plushenko – possibly the only ice dancer I would recognise apart from that nice bloke from dancing on ice who’s name I can never remember.
We left at the break to go and find the Travelodge – a challenge as the satnav thought it was down a residential cul de sac, and Travelodge had hidden the building behind a petrol station and had forgotten to turn on the light for the sign. Luckily Phil spotted it as we drove around the roundabout for the second time.
We settled in the room and drove down for an evening of the pairs skaters – wonderful.  Collected a subway for dinner and drove back to the Travelodge.