Burke Christmas Party

Went up to St Albans for a walk around the town, but only made it to a pub and the cathedral.

 Passed a hotel (an hotel?) with a very pretentious menu.

 Jake joined in the jollity with gusto.

 There was much jollity over photo bombing by a finger

and another finger…

 Walked through the dusk up to the cathedral

 where there was a cross casting a large shadow

 we went inside and there was a service going on – so listened to the choir and organ for a while

 very plain walls with no memorials

 Walked back down to the car

 past the floods – well, a large puddle.

 Last glimpse of the cathedral.

Went to Waitrose – no idea what buttons have to do with Christmas – but they played a large part in the display on the windows.

Party at Tim & Deb’s was fun – all the family there and the Corrigans. Dan arrived after having tended to the half drowned. Had a good chat with Morag and Jen. Jacob drove us home while Dan took Jill and Karl.

Boxing Day floods

Weather has been dreadful all over the Christmas period – raining and raining – resulting in floods. Jill and Karl came over for Boxing Day so we walked over to Kettlebridge and East Farleigh to see the devastation.

And there was water. And silly hats. 
Photo: Christmas quote of the day 'let's make as much mess as we can and then go home'