Week ending 17/01/15

Working on Wednesday, then on Thursday we went up to Essex to pick up Phil’s melodeon he had sent to be fixed. We went on to St Albans and had a wander around the park and cathedral, thought about going to eat in Blancs brasserie as the menu looked so good, but they didn’t open for another half an hour so we went and sat in the cathedral and listened to the service. Very windy on the way out – and it was getting late so we gave Blancs a miss and went to Cynthia and Kens and had fish and chips there. Very late getting back!
On Friday Alby and Elric came over in the morning and the rest of the day just spent slobbing.  Saturday the citroen wouldn’t start – so Phil took the Kia off to cycling along with the citroen keys, Dan had to go for a medical in Ashford so Jake and I had to get  a taxi to go and look at a flat he was interested in in Bearstead. The taxi driver was Polish – very nice man who had been over here for 10 years – the traffic was atrocious so we got quite a long time to talk! The flat was in the bottom half of a tiny oast – lovely views over farmland but very tiny and I think would be very cold, and only electric heating. We walked back into Bearstead and went to the White Horse to wait for Dan to come and pick us up.
In the evening went to Viv and Marks for the annual pirate party.

London weekend

We went up to London – drove to Kidbrooke Grove and left the car there, and then walked down to Greenwich the wrong way. Went for a drink at the Pelton Arms again, then crossed under the Thames by the foot tunnel and walked along to Canary Wharf and the Cat and Canary. Very blustery and windy.
 Pelton Arms

Got the train to Farringdon and walked up to the Travelodge, stopping for fish and chips on the way. Very nice receptionist at the travelodge who changed our room for us.
Went to meet James and Jenny and Sue Conolly at the Hat and Tun and then followed Thrales Rapper around another four or so pubs before going back to the Travelodge.
On Saturday we stayed in for the morning before walking through Smithfields and past the Old Bailey to Somerset House. Had a look at the skating, and a wander around Fortnum and Mason’s pop up shop, with it’s overpriced sweets and gorgeous smelling hand cream. Lovely scent diffusers shaped like flowers – but at £54 each don’t think I’ll be getting one.
We went to Gaby’s for dinner – it wasn’t nice at all, I had stuffed aubergine which was greasy and had a bad bit in it. Expensive as well. Walked down to a pub and had a drink, and people watched -there was a group of young men having a whale of a time accompanied by two very bored girls. The on to StMartin in the Fields for a candlelit concert – which although there were a few candles was mostly dimmed electric lights – and not very dimmed at that! The music was lovely though, ending with the Four Seasons.
Out into Trafalgar Square and walked back via Tescos in Covent Garden – closed at 10 (!) so had to go down to the Strand to buy wine. Menu watched all day and invented the carrot index of priciness – how much a portion of carrots cost! This was one of the more expensive portions Walked through Drury Lane and our usual route through Russell Square – but the Postmans pub at the Pakenham Arms is no more, shame.

Next day we walked down to Mary’s party and had a good time there, then went to the Doggett’s coat and badge pub with Mel and Sue. Stopped off at another pub on the way back to the Travelodge for Phil to watch American Football and for me to drink Jameson hot toddies – delicious. Monday we went to meet Yvonne at Somerset house – saw the Roman Baths off the Strand for the first time and walked through the Temple. Went on a mini pub crawl with Yvonne ending up at the Bell for a lovely pie.

Walked out to Tower Gateway to catch the train back to Greenwich and went to see Mel dance with her Molly side, then walked back to the car. Lovely weekend.