Sobbing, and more sobbing – and then – oh, look – we’re at Disney!

As always, we were really, really sad to leave Rick and Mary. (Although I note that this year they didn’t wear black arm bands on our departure – did we blot our copybooks?} We went to I-hop and had breakfast with Ashton and Rick and Mary, had lots of hugs, and then started to drive south.

We left at 9 am, and drove until 4pm, only stopping for petrol. Lots more straight roads


We went through Georgia.


It got a bit interesting at Jacksonville where there were lots of roadworks, spectacular buildings and bridges. (Seen from behind Phil’s nose)



But mainly it was straight down straight roads,


and a reasonable drive until we tried to find the hotel. There were no signs, and the satnav appeared to drive us round in circles. We eventually got there, and were greeted by Susan.


Susan did not appear to enjoy her job.


The room was lovely, (I have no idea what Phil was doing here} and we slobbed out for a short while before boarding a boat to take us to Disney Springs –  an overwhelmingly overcrowded shopping and eating area. The boat ride was lovely, though.


We had dinner at the House of Blues, lovely burger, randomly served with one slice of cucumber in it’s own little bowl, and Phil found his favourite hot sauces, and the ceiling was covered in death masks.



There was a band playing outside, but we didn’t stay for long as we wanted to catch the last boat back to the hotel.


We got back to the hotel, and Phil went straight to sleep. I couldn’t remember where I had left my purse, as I didn’t have it at the restaurant. I knew that I had had it at check in, but couldn’t find it anywhere in the room. So I went out to see if it was in the car – no. I went to the reception to see if it had been handed in, filled in a lost property form and then went back to the car for another look – even crawling around to see if it had fallen underneath. No sign of it. Phil woke up when I went back in and he overturned centuries of male conditioning and found it within 5 minutes underneath another bag. This has taught me to keep my credit and bank cards separate, as if they had both gone we would have been stuffed.

Distance driven – forgot to write it down – it was going to happen at some point.

Distance walked 2.9 miles


Middleton Place

We drove out to Middleton Place – a former rice  plantation where the main house had been burned to the ground by those damn Yankees during the Civil War. (Why Civil war? Should be uncivil war, surely.) Have a look at the link for photographs on the link for how beautiful it is.

On the way we stopped at a restaurant (can’t remember the name) – good company, pretty unremarkable food – but the fairies had fun.


They got tangled in a net and rode a Marlin.


There was this picture on the wall – did soldiers really hold on their hats with their noses?

Our photos from Middleton – I’ll let them speak for themselves.


There was wildlife – a cormorant, and if you look very carefully you can see the fish in it’s beak, cormorants on a tree, and alligators. Didn’t manage to photograph the turtle.




The fairies frolicked in flowers, climbed in spanish moss, played with statues, and ran away from an alligator.

IMG_2121IMG_2118 IMG_2117IMG_2109

(We showed Ashton this picture, and she said ‘You got that close to an alligator?! They are apex predators!’ )

Went back to Rick and Mary’s and collapsed and drank beer and whiskey and watched TV. And so to bed.

Distance walked 1.5 miles

Dinner on the river

Rick, Phil and Mike went off to Fort Sumter,


and Mary and I went beautifying and shopping. Sexist? Well, yes!

The lovely Taylor made up my face and made me look very glamorous.

Taylor and Liz (make up day)

We tried on hats


and saw things that you didn’t know you needed.


we went home and Mary revealed the surprise that she had been keeping all week  – we were going to go on a dinner cruise! It was idyllic. The company was great, the food fantastic, and the scenery superb.


Rockstar Mike boarding the boat.


Sailing out towards the Cooper bridge in front of the Yorktown battleship.


Sunset from the deck.


Starter of salad and main course of Tilapia and broccoli grits. Sorry – no pudding picture – but it was delicious keylime pie.


The lovely Dan poured our wine and the handsome Forrest supervised the steering of the boat.


It was a lovely, lovely evening.


In the company of good friends

After packing up from Lodge Alley, we drove out to Rick and Mary’s house in Mount Pleasant, and then Rick drove us all out to Waltersborough to look in antique shops. I was very good and only bought a het. (and a dress)

I left behind the ugliest clock that I have ever, ever seen,


and a huge crib that I am sure that Jill would have adored.


Well, maybe not!

We went for a late lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, and then back to Rick and Mary’s for a barbecue with lots of lovely people – including Jean who we had met last year, and is another one of those people who live on the wrong side of the Atlantic!


Distance walked 3.2 miles