Delights of Gatlinburg

Phil set out to be a lonely goatherd up in the mountains – while I chose to stay behind and sample the delights of Gatlinburg. I obviously didn’t have the car – so had to walk.

In the last year Gatlinburg seems to have moved around 2 miles further down the road from Bluegreen – or maybe the road had swelled in the heat. It was very, very hot.

May 2010 099

I spurned the temptation of the salt and pepper shaker museum, and carried on into the heat. I hadn’t got any money left – and being senile had forgotten the pin number for the cash card – and had no money to get a drink – so the day turned into a bit of an endurance test!

May 2010 101

I saw my future unfold before me – just need to find an accurate knife thrower.

May 2010 102

May 2010 103

May 2010 104

May 2010 105

May 2010 107

May 2010 108

May 2010 109

When I was very young – not just slightly young like what I am now – my friend Shirley and I heard that you could buy chocolate covered ants in Harrods. It was one of those stories like my Dads best friend having been a ballet dancer in his youth – that I didn’t quite believe. However – there – in Gatlinburg – were chocolate covered ants. Paddy – I now believe that you starred in Swan Lake and that you really did have your ballet shoes in the attic.

May 2010 110

On the outskirts one real log cabin had been preserved – but you couldn’t go in.

Got back to the flat before Phil – although he wasn’t long behind me. He had climbed as high as Everest! Or something like that – I had taken the camera so we will never know.

May 2010 119

We sat on the balcony and watched the clouds – the weather channel had predicted devastating thunder storms and severe weather – and indeed – it was a little breezy.

May 2010 121

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