Driving – and, er, not much else…

The hotel room view was taken from the car park as I forgot until we were all packed up.


Today was great for me as all I did was sit in the car and knit.


The first hundred miles was enlivened by boards advertising a place called Walldrug. I wish now that we had stopped there – the boards were about every couple of miles for what seemed like at least an hour.


That was only about a quarter of them – I missed a lot.

We saw signs to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home – and were going to divert to see it – but it was 55 miles out of our way which was too far given the distance we had to travel. Boo.

Nothing else interesting until we got to the Green Giant, where we stopped in a small cafe and had hamburgers.


Arrived in Wisconsin Dells about ten thirty – though we weren’t sure how many time zones we had gone over.

Distance walked – about 10 paces to the Green giant

Distance driven 740 miles

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