Do you really need that much?

Jake took Dan down to Maidstone station this morning to catch the train(s) for Sidmouth – a complicated journey which involved about 15 changes.
About two minutes after Jake got back the phone rang. ‘I missed the train, and if I don’t catch up with it then all my other 14 carefully arranged connecting journeys will all fall through’
‘Tough’ said Jake.
‘Tough’ said Phil.

So of course the doting and ill mother dragged her aching bones out of bed, got in the car, which of course had no petrol, so after collecting Dan and his entire bedroom-in-bags, had to stop at a petrol station (yes all you commuters, that dishevelled harridan was me) and then whack up the motorway at .999999 mph under the speed limit (honest guv) to deposit Dan and his entire bedroom-in-bags at Gravesend. Where, luckily, he caught a train which connected with the twenty thousand other connections.

He had better look after me in my old age.
And then the rain came –
Sound in our bedroom.
Finally – two cats finding refuge in the detritus that is our home.

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